Of late, it has become commonplace to read about atrocities committed against women in every walk of life. The crimes have risen to such a huge scale that some parents are scared to send their daughters even to school for the fear of ‘getting raped’, as reports from Haryana suggest.

Take the case of the ‘Dalit girl’ of Rajasthan or the recent ‘Barbaric Kerala case’, it seems that women aren’t safe anywhere from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Recently, news channels showed CCTV clippings of a woman being dragged out by a man from her office in Punjab in broad daylight and we were told that she was later ‘gangraped’. If only a few people who had watched her being dragged away would have come to the rescue of the hapless woman, then maybe such an incident could have been averted. Why I say maybe here, is that there is no guarantee that it could’ve been averted given the fact that ‘rise in crime’ is becoming an acceptable fact of life in our society and country unfortunately.

‘What to do, this has become a present day norm of the society’! – with this attitude we can’t do anything for the safety of women. Somehow somewhere we’ve to do some serious thinking because till now what we’ve done seems so little and so ineffective. Believe me, it’s time to start some serious work without trying to hog the limelight.

Also, we women out there should show to those men who have this mindset that women are for ‘taking’, that we’re not here at anyone’s mercy but have our own identity and individuality. Respect us as individuals, as human beings, and do not dare to utter your hypocritical nonsense about women being sacred or honourable and then go on to abuse or exploit us in every way you can.

Shall we start!!