In 2014 Amit Shah and Narendra Modi gave India and Indians a slogan “Congress Mukt Bharat” . Even though it looked highly superficial and laughable , the robust majority that BJP achieved in the general election on the Back of a decade long anti incumbency , corruption allegations and criticisms on Congress from all corners of (supposedly) Biased media made the slogan look proper to some corners of the society especially the right wingers and BJP supporters.  As the year went on and Congress went on to lose a few assembly elections to BJP made the arrogance of the latter sky high. While PM Modi crossed all limits to ridicule the grand old party and its top Brass including the Gandhi Family, the electronic media also tried to leave an impression that a “Congress Mukt Bharat” may appear soon.

Modi won the elections making tall claims and huge promises, almost overselling himself. He promised the unachievable . from punishing Robert Vadra for suspicious land deals to ending corruption. From Bringing Back Black money from abroad to depositing a huge sum of fifteen lakh (15 lac) in the Bank accounts of all the 125 crore Indians. From creating ten crore new jobs to Bringing Acche din By reducing inflation of food prices and raising MSP of farmers By 50%. There were a whole lot of huge promises that Modi made and fooled the people which looked impossible .

Within one year the Modi government got fully exposed over its fake promises. When a person accused of many criminal charges (Amit Shah)  took over as the party president ,and Modi with a cabinet of a majority of ministers either with criminal Background or semi literate, the targets set By the government looked like a fairy tale

There was no sign of Black money, farmers MSP got reduced heavily, food inflation sky rocketed with price of vegetables , onions , pulses etc going on to multiply almost four to five times. Exports, imports, Sensex, Rupee, Gross Domestic Product(GDP), Bank deposits all started tanking down, investor confidence Became low , FDI and FII showed record low figures and Acche Din looked to Be a distant dream. Vadra still continued to get clean chits from various courts as central and state governments of BJP seemed to neither have evidence nor intent to get him punished. It was clearly visible that using the name of Congress President s son in law in corruption was just an election gimmick that liars of BJP used whenever they saw elections in the vicinity. Farmers suicides went up to all time high, as the government looked clueless in solving farmer issues. Cross Border firing multiplied many times as pm was Busy having Biryani with Pak PM. Instead of reducing inflation, and easing the costs for the people, this BJP government started to play a game of tax terrorism. While global crude oil prices nose dived over 80%, the Benefits did not come down to the Indian  masses as FM continued to raise excise duty on fuel products to unexpected levels. While railway services Became worse, ticket prices were raised almost 20% to Badly hurt the common man.

When the name of Vadra failed to divert attention of the masses from Modi governments failures, communal agenda and propaganda like Ghar Wapsi, Love Jihad, attacks on churches, Beef Ban,  etc all flopped for BJP. A new gimmick of patriotism and nationalism was raised to infuriate a feeling of nationalistic provocations among the people who seemed to have already started rejecting the idea of Modiwave for which they had voted for. The supposedly pseudo allegations of the subjudice National Herald case to frame Sonia and Rahul Gandhi did not pay much dividend to the RSS controlled party (BJP)

While Narendra Modi’s lavish and grand foreign tours that failed to establish any new FII or FDI nor could they impress the people as to why they were promoted to Be so important, as they appeared to Be nothing except useless waste of tax payers money only to create a grand spectacle to promote Modi for nothing . The government pitched itself with anti farmer, anti students , anti laborers , anti middle class , anti aam admi legislations and decisions, it seemed to have started digging its own grave. Misuse of power, murder of democracy By imposing unlawful Presidents rule in Congress ruled states to unfortunate raids and fake allegations against non BJP chief ministers pitted the government into more superior criticism. Various BJP scams like Vyapam, rice scam, Dmat scam, chikki gate,mining scams and many more ripped apart the promoted clean and non corruptible image of Narendra Modi and BJP.

We are already in the middle of 2016 as Modiwave is over, Modi’s image and promises failed to help Bjp win the assembly elections in Delhi, while it got a heavy drubbing in the Bihar assembly elections under the grand alliance of Congress,JDU,RJD. Having appeared as an utter failure in 100% promises made in 2014, Narendra Modi stands like a sore loser who has lost all his Brand value for lack of a product, as hype fails to live on for long in the absence of substance .

While Congress is on its way to fast reclaiming the lost glory and retain Assam and Kerala assemblies and probably achieve the unthinkable for four decades- a win in West Bengal elections ( in alliance with the CPM), the cheap tricks of BJP look pathetic and futile.

Attacking Priyanka Gandhi , who is not in any sort of active politics, over bungalow rent issue seems to Be the last resort of a jittery Bjp to save its face from its failures and divert attention from peoples wrath due to the government s failure on every front. This anti people government of BJP has terribly lost its way and is struggling to look sober , and unfortunate personal attacks without any evidence and substance are only exposing the hollowness of the party that Backed the British Before independence. The nation has seen it all, how BJP government instead of focusing on growth, development, peace and prosperity of the people tried to create communal disharmony, inflation , tax terrorism and what not. And on top of that, this government tried to fool people with Baseless allegations on Robert Vadra,then on Congress VP Rahul Gandhi and then on Congress President Sonia Gandhi. When all that failed to Bring relief to the hypocrites in the government from hiding their incompetence and failures, this unfortunate allegation on Priyanka Gandhi is going to hurt the BJP unimaginably as the people in this country are only worried about their own “daal roti” and a peaceful environment of growth, development, harmony  and security.


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