Electoral result for 2017 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections came as a shock rather surprise. Several logics are being peddled few of them-

1- BJP win because of development agenda which got support from Muslim youths.

2- BJP win because Muslim women voted them for their stand against Triple Talaq.

3- BJP win by tampering through EVMs.

3- BJP win because UP think that demonetisation was a big hit & got approval of citizens.

Mayawati fretted & Kejriwal fumed. And we all hopped up and down in cue.

What can explain the BJP victory? I asked myself where else should I be looking. I looked at numbers; After all, numbers is the name of the game. Once I did that, I realized that in 290 constituencies, the combined votes of BSP, SP and INC were more than that of BJP. That was a decent majority. I took only these three parties into consideration because these were definitely votes against BJP. I didn’t even count RLD or the Independent candidates or parties like Nirbal Indian Shoshit Hamara Aam Dal which got maximum votes (66448) in Gyanpur and had massive chunk of votes in Malhani, Meja and Paniyara.Then I checked constituencies which had relevant Muslim presence. In most of the constituencies, it was the same story as above.
As usual opposition failed us, it couldn’t iron out their differences in time & couldn’t present a united alliance against the right-wing. Voters shouldn’t be blamed. They did their best. A majority did not vote for Modi. They voted against him. It’s just their bad luck that their votes got distributed.

Even thinking that Muslim women would have voted for BJP because they supported BJP’s stand on Triple Talaq is like insulting their intelligence. Between getting triple talaq banned (which hardly affects most of them directly) & living under constant fear of their family being lynched, who will choose the former?

Assuming that Muslim men voted for BJP because they believe in Modi’s development plank is like saying they believed in fudged GDP numbers which they don’t even see in their real lives rather than the Akhlaqs & the Najeebs, right in their neighborhood.

Then why is the media going to town, claiming this? First, they are working overtime to convince the world about Modi’s acceptability among the minority. Second, they are weakening the Secular voices which speak for the Muslims. I read so many otherwise-sane people sigh with disappointment that there was no point speaking for Muslims when they themselves voted for BJP. And thirdly, they want to influence the next elections.
Why political leaders from BJP are propounding this argument?

BJP because as long as the Opposition runs around like headless chicken, without solving the root cause, they can continue taking advantage of this loophole.
What can possibly go wrong if we continue this narrative? BJP will allow the crescendo to build and in a state where they will lose, they can use this same stick to beat down the Opposition. More so, in 2019, when they will be reeling under anti-incumbency in most of the states, they can use this against the Opposition.

The Opposition must come together into a United front & stop splitting the Secular votes. Remember, the Right-wing has no other alternative but the Seculars are spoilt for choices.
Why? Because Politics is a long run & there will be enough time to create space for your party. But the sole idea of a Secular India is in mortal danger.

What will you gain, once that is destroyed? Yogi Adityanath should be a wake-up call.
Majority of UP did not vote for BJP & they definitely do not deserve Yogi Adityanath. Majority of Goa didn’t vote for BJP, Manipur didn’t vote for them & neither did Punjab. That is the truth. The sooner the Opposition accepts this fact & starts working together, the better would be the scenario for India.

Else India would suffer from damage beyond repair, its time to unite & show the world that India is not going to become another Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq or Pakistan.

A land of diversity will be ruled by a diverse leader elected by majority (peace & humanity loving humans) not minority (communal & racist bigots).


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