**After Controversy Over Alleged Sexual Misconduct Meghalaya Governor V.Shangmuganathan Resigns….

**In May 2015,V Shanmuganathan took over as the Governor of Meghalaya.

**In Local Media, reports accusing the Meghalaya Governor of sexual misconduct had started coming in.

**As usual, Governor Shangmuganathan had denied the allegations of the media

**However, the matter refused to hush up, as later, around 80 workers of Governor’s House allegedly wrote to PM Modi,alleging sexual misconduct on the part of the Governor.

Days after a controversy was triggered by reports in local media, accusing Meghalays Governor V.Shangmuganathan of sexual misconduct.,he has resigned.

Quoting a woman who had come to seek a job at the Governor’s Office,the Local Media was abuzz with the Sexual Misconduct Report.

Last week, a letter was sent by the Staff of the Governor’s House, to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing the Governor of “compromising with the dignity of his office”.

V. Shangmuganathan,The Governor, who also holds the additional charge of Arunachal Pradesh, has denied the media allegations, but has not reacted to the accusations by his employees yet.

The Governor had told Local Daily Shilling Times reacting on media reports, “All these things are not right… We have selected only one person. Those who were not selected should not say all these things,”

It is said that,98 workers of the Governor’s House in Shillong had , later, allegedly signed a letter sent to PM Modi,.The said lettercwas widely circulated on social media.

Though the authenticity of the letter, is not established , which levelled various accusations against the Governor, including humiliating and mistrusting his employees and sexual misconduct ,yet
it creates a sense of contempt towards the occupant.The letter also demanded that an investigation be held against him. The letter also said the accusations were backed by evidence, which could be supplied if need be.

Here,it could be said that, Caesar’s wife must always be above suspicion .

Waiting for PM Modi and the Home Ministry to take a call on the matter, Chief Minister Mukul Sangma had said on the matter.

Following a popular protest in Shillong, in which civil society groups hit the streets on Republic Day, the Governor had to resign..

Tarun Bharatiya,one of the protesters,said, “Our demand is that the Governor should step down. We want impartial probe. The sexual harassment act should be properly implemented in Meghalaya, there should be an internal committee in on sexual harassment in governor’s house,”

Everything said and done,could a resignation from an Office satisfy the hurt a woman’s self-respect, her dignity, has undergone through the whole process?

To be honest, time has come for the woman to be self-reliant. She should know her self-worth.She should be self-assertive as she is ‘Strong in a Delicate Way’. She is a woman,the creator.