More than two years after the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack terrorist Ajmal Kasab Ujjwal-Nikamwas brought to justice and was hanged by the UPA Government, public persecutor Ujjwal Nikam, who advocated for Capital Punishment for one of the terrorist of Mumbai terror attacks. In a startling revelation Nikam admitted that Kasab had never demanded mutton Biryani and the story was concocted to stop an emotional wave in favour of the Pakistani militant, created in the media.

Nikam said the media hype on the case was an effort to shift people’s perspectives in favour of Kasab so that’s why he made the statement.

The recent disclosure by the special Public Prosecutor raises eye brows on actions and activities by few Media Houses who claims to be a responsible Fourth Pillars of Democracy. There have been many incidents when cooked up stories and Kangaroo Courts at 9PM, dominated the prime time news.

It was the day of Raksha Bandhan which coincided with Kasab’s hearing  in the court room, where he bowed his head and wiped his eyes. Kasab was well aware that Media was observing his body language meticulously. Moments later, electronic media broke the news – “Kasab ki aankhon me paani”. There were panel discussions in media channels where some intellectuals claimed that he was remembering his sister, Kasab is an innocent boy, he’s a young boy, so he is repenting his crime.”

Nikam claimed that he gave a statement to media saying Kasab demanded Biryani, in order to stop an emotional wave and atmosphere created by some sections of media.

Nikam said that after he told the media, again there were panel discussions on channels were the media highlighted that a dreaded terrorist was demanding mutton Biryani in jail, while the truth is that Kasab neither asked for Biryani nor it was served.

The Biryani ghost did not leave its controversial effect and was heard a lot during 2014 Parliamentary elections where Prime Minister Aspirant repeatedly convicted the UPA Govt for serving Biryani to terrorist like Kasab and others. But irony is that the same Politicians after coming to power are busy serving the same to its allies and their guests from the other side of the border.

Pakistani terrorist Kasab was hanged to death in November 2012 nearly four years after the November 2008 attack in which he had killed scores of people.

It is truly said that “Jo dikhate hai wah sach ho jaruri to nahi”

It is in the common people to go to the depth of the matter and understand the difference between facts and Myths.


By Navin Sharma