She’s a ‘Celebrity’, she’s having all the ‘Glitter’ at her beck and call. With this ‘attitude’, the so-called ‘Stars’ try to dazzle us. We,the gullible, not realising that ‘All that glitters isn’t gold’ start jumping into those ‘quicksand traps’ to find ourselves sinking deeper and deeper and soon going beyond the ‘point of no return’.

At present, some pictures of Angurlata Deka, the Newly-Elected BJP MLA of Assam, have gone viral in Social Media like Facebook, Twitter etc. She’s mocked at by people opposed to BJP, as BJP is always trying to teach ‘Bharatiyata and Bharatiya Sanskriti’ to people who’re opposed to its divisive & other hidden Hindutva ideologies.

In fact, these pictures went viral in order to ridicule the BJP, who try to portray a Sati-Savitri image of womem leaders in their fold and tarnish the public image of women leaders of the opposition by circulating photo-shopped pictures portraying the latter in poor light or in the most unacceptable of maligning manipulation, in social and electronic media.

Not only that, the BJP & Sangh cadres marvel at abusing and threatening women in a manner that describing thòse incidents would cross even the obscenity of ‘Draupadi Vastra-Haran’.

But, whatever be the reason, ‘Being Celebrity’ isn’t all Glitter as it is made out to be. All that ‘dazzles’, in fact, hides the ‘real darkness’ behind the scenes.

In recent past, the unsolved suicide or death cases of some of the so-called celebrities like Nafisa Joseph, Jia Khan, Pratyusha Banerjee etc. and the mystery surrounding the death of budding actress Divya Bharti point fingers in this direction that all isn’t well with thecworld of the ‘Celebrity’. The ‘glamour’ tgat the word ‘celebrity’ conveys is more ‘fake’ than ‘real’.

The ‘casting couch’ is not a myth but a reality.The recent Preeti Desai-Madhur Bhandarkar incident is a reminder of that.

But, can we blame only men for these degraded morality?! The answer is an emphatic ‘No’. Women are also to be blamed as some of them, knowing full well that the tag ‘Celebrity’ comes ‘With A Price’, have no hesitation to pay the price to acquire the tag for themselves. So, no use crying hoarse when the jaggery on your finger-tips melts and then flows away or evaporates slowly. Be on guard before it reaches a point of ‘no return’.