The latest Telecom scam of the BJP government revealed and exposed by Congress digs deep into the roots of the corporate and bjp government nexus where in the Narendra Modi government is trying to rob the ex chequer a huge sum of money. While the BJP called the CAG or the comptroller and auditor general  reports as gospel or godly and truth during UPA government, somehow its discarding and underwhelming the findings of the same in its own regime. As if the Vyapam Scam, the Dmat Scam, Rice scam,Toilet scam in  Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat petroleum KG basin scam, the Public distribution Scam in Chhatisgarh, the mining scam, the Lalit Gate, The Mallya scam, Panama papers scam, fair and lovely amnesty scam, Gir lion sanctuary land allotment scam, etc were not enough now the BJP government is adamant of robbing the nations treasury of another huge sum of money thanks to the 45,000 crore Rupees Telecom scam.

People do remember that the BJP while in opposition made a huge issue of the so called 2g scam which was a find of the CAG. The current Telecom  scam done under the Modi sarkar is much different than the 2g scam

The 2g was a case of notional loss or a supposed loss that could have happened because of policy. But the intent of the government was to provide cheap affordable digital services to the remotest corners of the nation hence the airwaves or spectrum and license fees were sold on the old First come first serve basis that was started by the Atal Government..

The loss was imaginary and notional as mentioned in the CAG report while no one got any amount or bribes for that. Since 2014 the BJP is in power but we have not seen any major arrests or sentences in the so called 2g scam. Moreover the 2g scam was just a method with which the bjp fooled the nation and created an anti UPA wave while the actual loss happened to the common individuals like us who don’t get cheaper voice and data plans as we got earlier when there was competition Cm1Ab3EWAAAhysg


The new BJP telecom scam is not a notional loss but a real scam. The UPA government understood that private telecom companies were under declaring or showing less income to reduce their spectrum usage charges as it was directly proportional to the income and profit.

While the UPA wanted to do a CAG enquiry in it to find out the actual income of the six telecom companies it filed for the same. The UPA wanted CAG enquiries of the the earnings of the telecom companies between 2006-7 to 2009-10

But the 6 telecom companies filed multiple cases against the same in different courts. Again the UPA took the initiative took transfer all the cases in various small and big courts to the Supreme court which  adjudged in April 2014 that the UPA government s decision to Have a CAG enquiry to find the actual income of the telecom companies is correct and hence the CAG started to do the audit in 2012 and gave its report in 2 years time ie in March 2016 where it was found that the telecom companies under declared an income of 46000 crore rupees thus serving a loss of about 13000 crore rupees to the national treasury or the ex chequer.


This is the scam. Now the current BJP government has not only discarded the CAG report which is a legal entity but it now wants to allow the Department of Telecom (DOT) to get the audit of the income of the said telecos for the same period again that too through an empaneled team of auditors. This is a real scam

Now it is actually stupid and childish of the BJP government and its ministers to blame the Inc or call it a UPA scam just because it took place in the UPA regime. The UPA actually caught the fraud, took action and got the correct report. Its a matter of time that took so long. Now instead of making the telecom companies  pay the amount under paid due to less income shown, the Modi government wants to allow them an escape route by delaying the issue with a secondary enquiry and audit by empanelled auditors thus disrespecting the report of a legal body like CAG. The bjp argument in the 45000 cr telecom scam is absolutely stupid, bizarre and funny. Point of the said telecom “scam” is not when telcos concealed the dues (UPA regime) but that NDA government isn’t making them pay up the same that have been unearthed now due to time taken by CAG to give final report

Now the CAG report is only for a period of four years. If the government gets the CAG to do an audit of income of the cellular companies for the longer period then one may assume a loss of almost 50000 crore rupees to the ex chequer due to the under declaration of income.


This move of the Modi government is a sad blow to the nation and its people. In a bid to benefit the corporate entities its allowing the treasury to bear losses. While The Modi government is hiking taxes and introducing new ones its writing off the fines and taxes and other fees that the corporates are supposed to pay. This is not just anti anti national but also illegal. While the under declaration of the income and subsequent less pay off as spectrum usage fee by the cellular companies is widening the fiscal deficit its also a breach of the constitution and a sad way of crony capitalism. It must be noted by the Modi government that no one is above the law if the land. Everyone is bound by the constitution and the government should not help the corporates escape from paying the actual taxes to the government. This money is of the nation and the government has no right to write off such an amount or allow the companies to fraudulently under declare income and pay less spectrum usage fee.

By blaming or mocking the congress because the duration of the said scam is when the UPA was in power the BJP government is not just running away from the scam, it is also making a foolish attempt to hide its guilt. The scam is not done by the UPA government but the 6 telecom companies and since the report came so late during the current regime does not mean that the current government can blame the previous government and allow the seamsters telecom companies to run away. The actual scam is that the  telecom companies showed less income to reduce the spectrum usage fee and now that they have been caught red handed the current government instead of collection the amount is allowing the Companies a window to escape without paying the charges along with a fine. The government is also insulting and devaluing the CAG which is a constitutional entity by discarding its calculations and audit report which is supposedly supreme.


While the prime minister Narendra modi claims there has been no scam in his tenure, it looks a hollow claim as there is a new scam by a BJP government every month. This is also the reason why the Modi Government has not appointed a Lokpal yet as that would nail the government s corruption even more. The BjP made a lot of noise over notional loss and uprooted the UPA GOVERNMENT with fake claims and created a fake negative sentiment against the Inc government while fact is the policies of the UPA were only decided to provide cheap cellular services or cheap power but the notional loss which is not an actual scam was declared by the bjp as scam. And now when in power the same bjp government is acting as the custodian of the corporate by letting them rob the ex chequers a huge sum of money.

Vinay Kumar Dokania


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