: Unemployment Rate 25%:Lowest salaried State Government employees in the Country

Tripura: In last 23 years of Left Front rule in Tripura there are some amazing goals that have been achieved by them. At present, the rate of unemployment in Tripura is 25% which ranks amongst the highest in the country. But the state government is not taking any initiative that can reduce the unemployment rate. Because of the geographical location and other conditions, there are no big industries in Tripura. The economy of Tripura is mainly based on government employment. But the state government is not giving jobs to the job seekers, at the same time state government is not developing other sectors that can provide employment in the state. There are nearly 3,300 employees who retire every year in the state but state government is not giving same number of jobs in a year. That is why the number of job seekers is increasing rapidly. A few jobs have been given by the state government to thevsupporters of the ruling party against all the rules, leading to a number of positions being put on hold by the Supreme Court of India.

On the other hand, state government employees of Tripura are the lowest paid government employees of the country. Last time UPA government had approved Pay Commission recommendations for central government employees but Tripura is the one of the few states where the state government has not announced pay review for their employees. Therefore all the state government employees and pensioners are getting much less amount against all the central government employees and pensioners every month. But the state government is in deep slumber. After all this, Tripura state government is not taking any major initiative to reduce unemployment rate and increase the salary and pensions to their government employees and pensioners. However, even then, the Chief Minister of Tripura said that this is the “Golden Era” of  the state and a wave of development is taking place all over all the state.

Biswajit Majumder