The promise of “Acche Din ” hasn’t arrived yet. Modi Rule continues to show a sharp rise in price of all essential commodities.

Petrol price was increased by Rs 3.07 a litre on 16th March 2016, reversing its 3-month declining trend, while the rate for diesel went up by Rs 1.90 per litre.

The cost of petrol in Delhi will be Rs 59.68 per litre as against Rs 56.61 previously, and a litre of diesel will cost Rs 48.33 compared with Rs 46.43 a litre previously, stated Indian Oil Corporation, the nation’s biggest fuel retailer.

While the hike in petrol price turns the clock back on the declining trend since January, this is the third straight fortnightly increase in diesel rates. No Acche din seems to have arrived!

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The three hikes in diesel rates since February 16th totals to Rs 3.65 per litre.

In fact, consumers are still to get all the benefits from the sharp drop in international oil prices to a decade low as the government on five occasions since November has raised excise duty on the two auto fuels.

The five levy hikes add up to Rs 4.02 per litre on petrol and Rs 6.97 on diesel, handing the government a neat Rs 17,000 crore as additional revenue.

This is Modi ji’s gift for common man on the completion of two years of only advertisement and zero governance as there’s yet another hike in the price of diesel and petrol. Prices increased by Rs. 2.58 per litre and Rs. 2.26 per litre respectively with effect from midnight of 1st June,2016.

Modi ji when will acche din arrive for common man?
Is this your
promised “acche din “?