Mr.Jaitley is very sanskari and there is no doubt about that.
Welcome to new India folks!
Acche din has finally arrived and Mr.Arun Jaitley has
decided to tax “children’s colouring books”
and not “porn”.12% tax has been levied on children’s colouring books whereas
“semi-pornography books” have been exempt under the goods and service tax.
Under the Centre’s terrific GST initiative, books on semi pornography have been exempted from tax but books on educational activities hav been taxed.Levying taxes on educational books in a country where literacy level is already low puts extra burden on the parents and this clearly isn’t encouragement for the weaker sections of the society to educate their children.

Well sindoor and bindis are tax free but then for sanitary napkins we have to pay 12% tax.
How rational!
Congress MP Sushmita Dev campaigned for tax-free sanitary napkins because some do not understand that a bindi isn’t a necessity but sanitary napkins definitely are.
Shashi Tharoor wrote to finance minister
Arun Jaitley about the “unfair bracketing of sanitary napkins for tax purposes as a luxury product”.
The tax on sanitary napkins now differs from state to state, being mostly around 12 per cent but going up to 14.5 per cent in some.
Dev says that taxing sanitary napkins is unfair and falls foul of every legislation that guarantees equality before the law. She further added that women are being taxed 12 months a year, for about 39 years, on a process they have no control over.

By – Shruti Bose


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