The much-publicized interview of PM Narendra Modi with Times Now editor Arnab Goswami that was telecast on the 27th of June 2016 was nothing short of a joke. It was not only an insult in the name of journalism but also a mockery of democracy.

The Prime Minister who did not attend a single press conference in India after becoming PM, chose his loyal journalist Arnab over others to avoid an embarrassment like he had faced many years ago when he had to run away from a running interview after tough and real questions were asked by Karan Thapar.

This interview though looked fixed from the outset, Mr Modi kept his face aligned with the anchor, it didn’t look like he needed to think for any answer, he began answering sometimes even before the question was completed. A few times he answered something other than the question.

The journalist, Arnab Goswami usually known to be a severely tough, extremely loud, to-the-point and supposedly someone who brooks no nonsense and demands exact answers in his shows looked deferringly polite, slow in wit and devotedly respectful.

Of course Arnab being the son of a former BJP Lok Sabha candidate and nephew of a BJP sitting Assam MLA, his bias for BJP is known. The whole episode looked lacklustre and more of a casual talk between a servant and his master. Arnab refrained from asking real questions that needed to be asked. He did not raise the points and questions that the nation wanted Modi to answer after two years of governance. Nor did he interrupt Modi every time Modi made an incorrect reply.


Why is Chouhan Shivraj still CM of Madhya Pradesh despite Jungle Raaj in state and 51 suspicious murders of peopl involved in Vyapam scam including a journalist? Is it fair for thetainted CM to remain in power?

Why has Narendra Modi taken 100s of U-turns on matters like FDI, Aadhar, MNREGA, Insurance Bill, foreign policy, etc.?

Why does not PM Modi’s wife Jasodaben get a passport and why is she made to suffer under alleged house arrest?

Why has no action been taken against Vasundhara Raje and Sushma Swaraj despite Lalitgate ?

Why did not Arnab ask Modi to apologize to the nation for Godhra riots (2002), like he asked Rahul Gandhi to do for 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Notably Rahul was only 14 years old when the anti-Sikh riots took place and had no role to play in it, while Modi was the sitting Chief Minister during 2002 Godhra riots!

Why have exports continuously declined  undee Modi regime and why is the government silent on the same?

Why is India not answering Pakistan on terrorism in its language as Modi promised? Where are 10 heads per head of an Indian soldier as Modi promised? Why is Modi engaging in saree shawl gift exchange policy with Pakistan when he always said we should talk tough?

Why has Modi gone back on his promise made to the parents of martyred captain Saurabh Kalia? Why has his government declined to raise the issue on international forum?

Why is Robert Vadra still not arrested despite Modi and his people making tall claims of his so called corruption and legal punishment all this while?

Why is Eknath Khadse not put behind bars for alleged relations with Dawood?

Why is Lalit Modi still absconding despite being wanted by the ED and why did was his “humanitarian” External Affairs Minister not sacked for helping the absconder ?



Why has India become highest exporter of beef under Modi regime despite the beef ban drama by BJP and Modi’s promise of ending the “pink revolution”?


Why have bank deposits plummeted to as low as what they were six decades back? Why is investor confidence so low and why does this government look so clueless in managing the economy?

Why did Modi allow Vijay Mallya to flee from India despite being a willful defaulter to Indian banks having unpaid loans of thousands of crores? While poor farmers have to commit suicide if they cannot pay back a loan of few thousand rupees, a corporate is allowed to run away despite having debt of 9000 crore?

What did Niti Aayog do for the government? What purpose did the scrapping of planning commission serve?

Why are there 1000 plus cross border cease fire violation by Pakistan at Jammu & Kashmir border during Modi regime? Why can’t the government go hard on Pakistan diplomatically to reduce such attacks?

No questions, of course, on BJP’s drubbing in Bihar assembly elections!

Why has the rupee gone into the doldrums versus the US dollar? The value of 1 American Dollar which was 58 Indian Rupees is now close to 69. This is a sharp fall. Why has Modi government failed to arrest this sharp fall?

Why have communal incidents gone up in Modi regime? Why freedom of speech is threatened? Why so much intolerance especially by right wingers and hardliner Hindutva outfits including the RSS?

Why inflation is not going down and why is it Modi’s biggest failure? Why does his government look helpless in reducing retail inflation especially of food items?

What have Modi’s 50 odd foreign trips done for the nation?

Why did Modi not hike farmers’ MSP by 50% as promised in his campaign?

Why is the government looting the people on high fuel taxes despite global crude prices tanking 70%? Why are petrol and diesel prices still similar to what they were during UPA when global crude price was over $100 a barrel which has now fallen below $40 a barrel?

Why has no investigation been ordered in the alleged Gujarat Krishna Godavari  gas basin scam of over 20,000 crore involving Reliance Industries’ owner Mukesh Ambani?

Where are the 10 crore new jobs that Modi had promised? Why does data show that the actual job growth during his regime is actually negative?

Why did the Modi government take a hard blow from SC after attempting to murder democracy in Uttarakhand? Why did Arnab not ask the question on the unfortunate  and unlawful President’s Rule imposed on Congress ruled Uttarakhand which was later reversed and termed unconstitutional by the Supreme court?

Why is Smriti Irani HRD Minister despite her low education, controversial tenure and allegations of saffronization of education and unnecessary fee hikes in premier institutions like IITs?

Arnab didn’t dare to ask a single question on the #EssarLeaks case which established nexus between Ambani and the government.

What is the role of the RSS in decision making of Modi regime ? Why is the RSS allowed to dictate terms to most ministers as reported in the media several times?

Why has no Lokpal been appointed yet?

Why have India’s relations with key neighboring states like Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, etc. become so bad after Modi took over ?

Why are incapable, mismatched and mediocre people given key posts to head key institutions like Gajendra Chauhan at FTII and Chetan Chauhan at NIFT?

Why is Modi fooling people with fudged and hyped GDP numbers while world has called the bluff that the actual GDP is close to 4% and not 7.6 % as claimed by the Finance Ministry?

Why have there been no arrests in Coal Gate, 2G and other so called scams that the BJP fooled the nation with to come to power?

Why was Pak ISI invited to investigate Pathankot attacks?!#

Why has Modi wasted tax payers’ money on stupid foreign junkets and “rockshows” to hype himself which have failed to bring FDI or FII inflows?

Why is Ajit Doval not sacked from the post of NSA despite a series of failures by him?

Why has Modi government reduced the budget of public welfare schemes and defence significantly ? Why is the government willing to hike taxes or impose cess after cess but reduce government spending on education, health, women ann child welfare, and defence?

Arnab did not say a word on Dadri, Kairana, Rohith Vermula, Kanhaiya , JNU, HCU, etc, which PM should have been asked to answer questions.

The interview was a highly biased one and lacked substance or sense. It was merely another PR exercise to promote Narendra Modi especially after the NSG membership debacle took place.


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