The most touching love story I have ever heard.
An Italian girl who ultimately became the Bahu of India & fighting for the dignity of the country till date.

In the movie “ THE STORY OF RUTH” The heroine Ruth tells her mother in law-
‘Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God’

Former President of Congress Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s life to me resonates the same spirit of the famous biblical character “RUTH”
“Edvige Antonia Albina Maino” an Italian girl from a simple family not only fell in love with a dynamic , handsome man from India ,a pilot Mr Rajeev Gandhi ,she also got married with him in 1968 & became Mrs Sonia Gandhi ,later her love for a single man transformed into a greater love for “ India”, her husband’s beloved motherland . She embraced the whole country India as her own, no matter how much people in from political spectrum tried to prove her non Indian , but we saw their defeat every time they tried it ! Because her Indianness is the manifestation of a pure & most profound of all “ LOVE”
She actually became true Indian by going through huge transformation of her own life..

After loosing her beloved husband , she was shocked , indifferent from politics! Worried about her children’s welfare & all these shows she is a human being with all sorts of emotion & weakness like other women in the world ! Eventually she stood up to fight back & fulfil her husband’s dream to see a developed happy India. So much pain she went through & faced & facing till date malicious attacks,but her resilience , grace & dignity wonder me & remind me of Dandelion flowers which born in grasses & who is never destroyed by any pressure or stampede.It always comes back to full bloom! “
I am sure one day people of India will recognise her worth not as a woman in a foreign land! But as a true Indian.,for her compassion for the people of India,her strong political instinct & how single handedly she United congress at the crucial moment when it was at the verge of collapse.

She has shown a political will to win back the trust of Sikh’s by rewarding them a fabulous & most deserving Prime Minister ,Dr Manmohan Singh & together with him apologised to Punjab for 1984 riot & the pain & trauma it’s created to then victim of the riots ,while every one else in Congress & many people in country desired to see her as Prime Minister of India.. This shows her tremendous presence of mind to even win the heart of opposition who were very forcefully attacking her .. but she won over them with grace & intelligence.

Under her leadership congress again progressed , UPA 1 under DR. Manmohan Singh’s leadership brought ” economical liberalisation “, in the country..So many right based policies given by UPA 1 for benefitting the poor & neglected people of society.

Mrs Indira Gandhi one’s said “There is not love, if there is no will”..Sonia Gandhi not only loved one man, she loved the entire country ! She boldly engaged to fulfil the mission & dream of her Husband as her own. What a wonderful way of living life.
I strongly believe that the source of Sonia Ji’s strength was & is her “will” to love . A love which started as personal ,now Universal , for the people , for the people of India.
Now of course she relieved her self from the biggest responsibility of Congress Party but she will always remain as an example of “ true strength of woman”..

At the end .. I want to quote her recent comment against all those who still try to use her Italian identity for grabbing vote , without understanding that Mrs Sonia Gandhi in spirit more Indian than those who always questions her Indianness.

“RSS, BJP and some other parties had always “taunted me to shame me for my birth”.
“I was born to proud and honest parents. I will never be ashamed of them. Yes, I have relatives in Italy. I have a 93-year-old mother and two sisters. But it is here, in my country, India, it is in this part that the blood of my loved ones is mingled.It is here that I will breathe my last. It is here that my ashes will mingle with yours and my loved ones”-SONIA GANDHI

Written by:- Sima Raj

(2nd Jan 2018)

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