The most touching love story I have ever heard of is an Italian girl who ultimately became the Bahu of India & fighting for the dignity of the country till date. one of Shakespeare ‘s heroin said to her beloved “thy people are my people”.. Sonia Gandhi actually a living example of this claim! She not only fell in love with Rajeev Gandhi , she also embraced the whole country India as her own.. She actually become true Indian by going through huge transformation of her own life.. After loosing her beloved husband , she was shocked , indifferent from politics! Worried about her children’s welfare &all these shows she is human & like all other women in the world ! Eventually she stood up to fight back & fulfil her husbands dream to see a developed happy India. So much pain she went through & faced & facing till date malicious attacks,but her resilience , grace & dignity wonder me & remind me of dandelion flowers which born in grasses & who is never destroyed by any pressure or stampede.It allways comes back to full bloom! I am sure one day people of India will recognise her worth not as a woman in a foreign land! But as a true Indian.,for her compassion for the people of India,her strong political instinct & how single handedly he United congress @ the crucial moment when I it was at verge of collapse& how as an apology & gratitude to Punjab chose the right man, DR. Manmohan Singh as countries PM. While every one else was desired to see her as Prime Minister of India.. Under her leadership congress again progressed , UPA 1 under DR. Manmohan Sing’s leadership brought ” economical liberalisation “, in the country..So many right based policies given by UPA 1 for benefitting the poor & neglected as well. Mrs Indira Gandhi one’s said “There is not love, if there is no will”..Sonia Gandhi not only loved one man, she loved the entire country ! She boldly engaged to fulfil the mission & dream of his Husband as her own. What a wonderful way of living life. I strongly believe , her strength coming from her “will” to love . A love which started as personal ,now Universal , for the people , for the people of India.