The past week has seen the judiciary restore the faith of people again in Law as three watershed judgements have been pronounced. The first is the Supreme court’s ruling in favour of Muslim women when it announced a ban on instant Triple Talaq for 6 months and advised the government to legislate during this period. Secondly the SC upheld that the Right to privacy is a fundamental right which is awarded to the citizens of India by the constitution which gives them the right over there lives and bodies. And on Friday, the self styled Godman Baba Ram Rahim Head of Dera Sacha Sauda was convicted in a charge which meandered through the cumbersome judicial process since 2002 and finally justice previled.
While the whole nation celebrated the ban on triple talaq and the decision was welcomed by the both major political parties—Congress and BJP, the second judgement saw blame game on each other but both parties paid full respect to judiciary.
However as soon as the conviction of the flamboyant Godman was announced, there was mayhem on the streets of Northern India. Lakhs of his outfit—Dera Sacha Sauda’s volunteers gathered outside the court and reportedly set the Media Vans and Railway Station on fire. Riots broke out in various parts of country including in Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and more than 150 injured and 32 people have reported to lost their lives.
The utter incompetence of the BJP government both at the Center and in Haryana plunged the nation in chaos. Despite the intelligence reports which warned that the situation may turn hostile in case of the Godman being convicted, the BJP government dragged its feet even as thousands of Ram Rahim supportes gathered in Panchkula . Police let them gather and store Petrol diesel and to stock sharp edged weaopn which were later used in destroying Public Property.
However, if one looks beyond the feigned incompetence of the BJP, a sinister motive will become more apparent. The Godman in quetsion, Ram Rahim has a massive following not only in Haryana or Punjab but also at various other states. As such he was openly supported by the BJP during 2014 Haryana Election, 2015 Delhi election and in 2017 Punjab Election ignoring the fact that BJP is in alliance with Akali Dal with whom Dera shares an acrimonious relationship from 2007 when Ram Rahim portrayed himself as Guru Gobind Sigh—the 10th Sikh Guru.
Haryana CM, Manohar Lal Khattar a Punjabi and former RSS Cadre (the ideological mentor of BJP) was never a prominent figure in the state’s politics. However in 2014 when the so called Modi wave launched the BJP into power, the duo of Shah-Modi preffered Manohar lal Khattar as CM over a Jat respected Captain Abhimanyu because of his closeness to Dera chief. It drew huge criticism within the party as Haryana is a Jat dominant region. Further, Khattar possessed absolutely no administrative experience and was inconspicuous during the hard times of BJP when in opposition.
He was always seen as pandering to the Deras . For instance, in January 2016, when comedian Kiku Sharda mimicked Ram Rahim Haryana, the CM left no stone unturned to send the Haryana Police to Mumbai to arrest him. However when asked about increasing rape in state, he called Gangrape a trivial issue and question the integrity of Girls instead and said “if a girl is dressed decently a boy will not look at her in wrong way” He was even widely criticized for his another statement that “if Girls want freedom why don’t they just roam around naked”
In another infamous incident during Olympic Games in 2016 when sportsmen from Haryana were deprived of their coach due to lack of funds, his Sports Minister Anil Viz donated a whopping 50 lakh rupees to Baba Ram Rahim for an obscure game.
It is quite clear that the CM refrained from taking stern action on the belligerent followers of the quirky Godman as he feared facing their wrath. His lack of his experience is glaring and tragically the state is paying the price. Even when the Jat Agigation was simmering, he chose to ignore intelligence reports and irrecoverable damage was done to the entire state, especially Rohtak, which is one of most developed and cleanest cities in Haryana where rampant arson and looting. The biggest shame of all was that girls were raped in Murthal during agigation. And yet the CM continues his lackaicidical approach to adinistration.
On Friday too, as rioting spread across the state, the CM continued to parrot plastic press staements in a meek attempt to assure people that peace shall soon prevail. He claimed that he was closely monitoring the situation even as his drones lie in tatters after being attacked hy the Dera rioters.
The question everone must ask is—who is responsible for the loss of precious lives for no fault of theirs? And does ML Khattar have any right to continue to be a leader in a civilized society ?

Article is authored by Yash Gupta, CA Student.


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