Ravi Shastri s behavior, reaction and comments after he was not selected or Frankly speaking, discarded from the job of The Indian cricket team s head/batting coach clearly tells a lot about why The BCCI selectors did a fabulous job in not selecting the man with such a short temperament.

Despite being senior to Anil Kumble, and having  been part of several BCCI and ICC committees in the past and having seen it all, his waywardness was terribly unexpected and slightly sickening. A man who has retired almost 25 years ago and has been seen actively as a commentator should have saved his image by being calm despite being rejected. Now Shastri has been team director, cum coach, calling all the shots in the Indian cricket team’s dressing room for over a year now which means that if the BCCI intended to retain him as Director or coach, they would not have invited applications for the job. Now it was clear that the  board wanted a fresh face to handle the coaches job and they probably lacked trust or confidence in Shastri. His childish behavior to criticize Sourav  Ganguly followed by his instant and unexpected resignation from An ICC committee which is headed by Ganguly clear reveals how big a disaster he may have turned out to become had he been appointed full time coach of the team.


No doubt the selection committee trio of Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav  Ganguly and VVS Laxman understood that by selecting a hot head like Shastri they will  make  the same mistake as the BCCi made when they selected Greg Chapel as the national coach in 2005 that turned out to be a horrendous disaster for the team, the players and the game .

The work of Shastri has surely not impressed the board and also his open statements on limited overs’ team captain  Dhoni did not impress the board either. His job was to maintain balance and let the selectors and board decide on administrative decisions.

It has been seen in the past that a team does well if the coach is calm and cool. Now the new Coach Anil Kumble will surely replicate the temperament displayed in the past by previous coaches Gary Kirsten and John Wright. Shastri was supposedly a more dominating coach. History has it that only one of the two amongst the coach and the captain, preferably the captain who calls the shots on the ground should be hot headed and the other one should be calm and sensible. Now considering the fact that both test captain Virat Kohli and Shastri would have liked to dominate and that would have surely led to clash of opinions, which would have had a negative impact for the team and its performance.

A right move none the less from the selectors to appoint a fresh face, one of the finest leg spinners, decent batsman and a succesful captain of his time – Anil Kumble to coach the national cricket team. The tenure may be just one year for the moment but one understands that the same will surely be upgraded till the 2019, 50 over’s world cup that takes place in the summer of England .

Vinay Kumar Dokania




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