Highlights Priyanka Gandhi: The Emerging Star On The Sky Of Indian Politics….

Priyanka Gandhi: The Emerging Star On The Sky Of Indian Politics….


Among the Star Campaigners of Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections the name which catches most eyes, undoubtedly , is that of Charismatic Priyanka Gandhi.

Priyanka Gandhi:The Natural Leader:

Priyanka Gandhi connects easily with the voters. Her girl next-door image,which she has chosen for her personality has all the Charisma of an Emerging Star of Indian National Congress, and consequently of Indian Politics.

It is no denying the fact that,Congress party, which has ruled India for most of the time since independence in 1947, has been in a state of rapid decline in recent years..But,it must be quickly added here in the Party’s defence that,the decline has nothing to do with the suspicion some people voiced, that, maybe Charisma of Congress Leaders are weaning gradually but steadily, as there are far more Charismatic,mass -appealing Leaders in the Grand-Old Party of India than that of all the Partys’ put together.

But, frankly speaking, their mass-appeal fails to translate into votes due to the malicious propaganda being unleashed by some unscrupulous characters for achieving personal narrow-gains.

Therefore, realising the necessity of keeping those undesirable elements away from the centers of power, & with elections in the politically key state of Uttar Pradesh just a few weeks away from now, the Indian National Congress has thought of an alliance. Hence, it proceeded to forge an alliance with the regional strong contender Samajwadi Party.

It is to be noted here that,Samajwadi Party currently heads the state government in Uttar Pradesh., and is run by the powerful but fiercely feuding Yadav family.

With this backdrop the Congress-Samajwadi Party Alliance was an off-on affair as reported by various media houses,till it was finally forged in the penultimate hour. Priyanka Gandhi, daughter of Congress President Sonia Gandhi and sister of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.,is deservedly given all the Credits for this strategic alliance with Samajwadi Party ,by Indian National Congress People, from top to bottom

Thogh,for quite sometime many in the party have fancied a larger role for Priyanka Gandhi , but, without much success. Perhaps this is for he first time her backroom negotiating skills are being acknowledged publicly by the party.

In the opinion of many Congress Loyalists & especially the party loyalists from Rae Bareli ,”If anyone in India can revive the Congress and ensure the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty remains relevant, it’s Priyanka,” , indicating the high regard Priyanka Gandhi commands in the Party Circle and especially in the family-stronghold of Rae Bareli District of Uttar Pradesh.
It must be noted here that,Priyanka Gandhi’s mother Sonia Gandhi, Congress Party Chief and Widow of Former PM Late Rajiv Gandhi, is representing Rae Bareli in Parliament.She is the MP from Rae Bareli over the past 16 years,

It is not a secret that,Priyanka has campaigned extensively for her mother and her brother Rahul Gandhi in the nearby Constituency of Amethi. Though till now, she has more and less confined herself to this task,it is always felt within the Party Circle that she is tailored-made for a much bigger role in the and for the Party, but dared not voiced their opinion as they should have been,leaving the decision entirely on her good choice.

In Amethi and Rae Bareli there is a Cult called ‘Nehru-Gandhi’:

Rae Bareli and Amethi are significant areas, the VIP seats of Uttar Pradesh, as Priyanka’s Grandmother, Former PM Indira Gandhi, and Father Former PM Rajiv Gandhi had won several elections from here.

In fact , it would not be an exaggeration to say that the Gandhi Family is enjoying a ‘Cult Status’ in these areas.

It must be mentioned here that,in the 2014 elections, Priyanka Gandhi was a hit with the masses,while covering village after village in the blistering heat of northern India, managing campaigns of her Mother and brother. Often, she was seen sharing her home-cooked meals with the people she was coming across during her campaigning.

Priyanka by her charisma often makes people spellbound and in return they compare her to the Iron-Lady of India, her Grandmother Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

Priyanka Gandhi :The Replica of Brave Indira:

She is often seen to be skipping her security cordon to talk to supporters,while on her campaign trail.
Mostly, her actions culminates in giving jitters to the security men. Considering both her Grandmother and Father were assassinated,it could be termed a ‘Brave Act’ on her part.

To give an example of her brave nature , it is pointed out that, “One day, after a long day of election campaign, she returned to her makeshift home in Rae Bareli and leaving her security men bewildered, decided to take her children out on a rickshaw ride in the town.”

Will Priyanka Gandhi: Won’t Priyanka Gandhi:

It’s a buzz doing the round that with the Congress losing ground fast, the party must take a call on launching Priyanka Gandhi in a major role in the Congress Party before it’s too late, alongside brother Rahul Gandhi.

It must be recalled here that the Exterior of this Brave woman Priyanka has gracefully covered experiences of two devastations.

Underneath her Brave-Exterior lies the traumatic experience of a young girl who saw her Grandmother and Father,the two pillars of strength of a child, being killed while on political duty. So, it would be wise of people not to drrag her between the Raging debate ‘Will Priyanka Gandhi : Won’t Priyanka Gandhi.’

Priyanka Gandhi:The Emerging Star:

Congress President Sonia Gandhi is not keeping well of late and ageing too, so, it’s not a big deal if one expect her to pass on the mantle to Rahul Gandhi who appears to be a bit more Gentleman Politician.

Though Priyanka has delivered phenomenally in the Gandhi strongholds of late, still the critics are not in a mood to spare her without making her going through the Fire-Test.

She is perhaps ready to take the challenge, to prove her critics wrong by her political strategy, when she agreed to be one of the Star Campaigners for Uttar Pradesh Elections,

Keeping in mind the oft-repeated saying, … but who knows… It is never too late in politics.. the emergence of Priyanka Gandhi would be viewed by her supporters and critics alike with much interest.

Priyanka Gandhi: Plunge into ElectoralPolitics:

But,still the big question raised by her critics is,would she take a plunge into Electoral Politics,sooner than expected?

It would be prudent to add here that, what she has experienced as a young girl, it would not be too easy to take a plunge into Electoral Politics.But, if she ever decides in favour of that, it would be a very Emotional One.

At the end ,it must be stated that, without saying ‘Priyanka Gandhi: Emerging Star on the Sky of Indian Politics, the writing would seem to be incomplete.

This article is authored by Shamsida Tayab @tshamsi88