Congratulations President Hillary, so as not to confuse you with your illustrious, talented yet bumbling husband, now that you have, for all practical purposes, gone past the only serious contender you had in this race from both sides of the aisle – Bernie Sanders, the saintly but rebel Senator from Vermont – and are, in all likelihood, going to be pitted against the ghastly tycoon from New York in the US presidential elections in November.

A cakewalk for you this to Trump-et your way to victory, though the cream on the caketop will fly, and things get messy beyond control thru till the Fall. But you’re not new to things being messy, are you, at home or away? And both your resilience and grace are now wellknown.

Secretary Clinton, the fact that you’d be the first woman President of the US will be a moment to rejoice this Fall. The fact that a prominent progressive leader will continue to run the Oval Office will also be a matter to celebrate.

And you’re surely going to take the progressive agenda forward in the next four to eight years, even if there are some bumps that come up for Keystone, classified emails, sundry lobbies, et al.

But one little place on this planet will perhaps shed a tear when you take the oath of office in Jan 2017, having seen your affinity for and close ties with AIPAC, etc. A non-descript place, consigned to the dustbin of history by “friend” and foe alike, where even children don’t have hope or joy in their eyes.

A place called Palestine, for the sake of which many lives have been taken and given, in offence and defence, in terror and counter terror, but the one life of that land that gave itself up two millennia ago, for the sake of renewal of hope and love, has been forsaken by all.

Prez. Hill, when you are back in the White House, will you pick up the phone and tell King Bibi, the monarch of BFF (Best Friend Forever) state of Israel to not be the Pontius Pilate of our times?

If you do, then I’ll not only congratulate you heartily again come the second Tuesday of November, but I will raise a toast for you and your administration.

A toast of clean water. The same water that a crucified Palestinian once used to embrace others with love.


An Indian by birth, a world citizen, and a tiny but independent part of our vast and expanding universe. Aspiring for liberty, justice and humanity. For all.