Indian parents believe in making their children studying well and become successful individuals. Parents wake up early to see the children get everything before they leave for school and sleep late to see their children complete their homework’s. Our motto is excel in your work and lead a successful life.
But this belief has been challenged ever since Modi ji became PM. Everyday we get to read about his fake degrees and achievements, to add to the misery his HRD minister was also found under qualified not only for such high post but also to fight elections. These are just examples of the ‘highly’ qualified office bearers of this Government.
Qualification credentials of Modi ji are being asked to be made public under RTI Act, but no answer to any plea. Suddenly a DU pass certificate was leaked on said year 1978 and was computer printed marks sheet, poor guys don’t have the basic knowledge that computers came into the country during Rajiv Gandhi as PM i.e. post 1984. During 1978 marks were written by hand not computer printed. Lie caught.
He being flamboyant high voltage speech reader has himself confessed that he didn’t study beyond school. We don’t have to take offence on his education provided he knew how to use his advisory board to benefit the country because they are cream of the nation the IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS etc.. But he proved yet again that qualification is mandatory. Country has witnessed Modi ji flying around the globe and spending tax payers’ money for his brand image building.
We have seen all the developments in his speeches and posters nothing in reality. His speeches are oriented towards cheers and claps not facts and details. His fascination to look good, be in headlines, change five pairs a day, deliver monologues and degrade the Gandhi family has no bounds. His monologues are suitable for master of ceremony not a PM of Democratic India.
As if all this was not enough he made a monumental disaster of Demonetisation without proper preparation, he rendered the ATMs dry overnight and forced the country to stand in serpentine queues to change the old currency notes to new ones. But Indian population didn’t protest because he promised to wipe out #corruption,#blackmoney, #terrorism…asked for fifty days.
The fifty days have become seventy days but country still has withdrawal limit of 24,000/- per week, which used to be per day limit on normal debit card. To camouflage his failure he took to new song of #digitisation and said stop ATM use #PayTM. RBI has changed over 100 rules in past seventy days, as a result RBI has got new found fame of Reverse Bank of India.
Opposition doesn’t get to discuss or ask questions in the Parliament, people don’t know which rule was scrapped when, we were in the opinion of having RBI norms to be like weather forecasts on regular intervals. This was to lighten up the grim mood, now back to our subject Nobel Laurets and world renowned Economists have condemned #Demonetisation. They compared the situation to puncturing the wheels of running economy of one of the fastest developing country in the world.
Our Ex-PM Dr. Manmohan Singh who is an Economist himself has warned a drop of GDP by 2%, but our Modi ji is very busy selling new apps and lottery schemes to the poor people. He has no intentions to correct the faults, instead his PR team is busy controlling the media, data and statistics. They are managing SM, misusing it to spread fake news and abuse the opposition. Abuses and  lies are their way of governance.
In less than three years if country has been crippled can we imagine our future if this govt continues one more term? We have to save our today and tomorrow…..I know you agree.
We have to start now with the forthcoming elections. Let us rethink our future…
before we go to vote we need to think: Progress or Religious hate & Riots.
Its time we have to understand the Politics of Indian Politics and vote out the Politics by voting for Development.

Co written by
K. Padma Rani & Aseem Panjwani