90‘Bahut hua naari par waar, abki baar Modi Sarkar’, this is one of the slogans with which Mr. Modi raised high expectations of women-folk and sùcceeded in coming to power.

Many women therefore looked up to NaMo, now PM, as the ‘only hope’ for their ‘safety’, little realising that the man on whom they were pinning their hopes, is, in fact, the worst kind of ‘abuser’. The man who, already, has left his devoted wife to lead the life of a ‘married bachelor’, to pursue his high ambitions.

That is not all, her every movement is being monitored and she is being harassed mentally.

Her RTI applications seeking information about her rights as the ‘wife of the PM of India’ and other information are being rejected by the authority concerned time and again, in order not to invite the wrath of the Saheb.

Also, her applications for issue of Passport are rejected by the concerned authority for the same reason i.e. they fear to invite the wrath of the PM.

Here, it would suffice to say, both legally as well as morally, being the legally-wedded wife of the PM of the nation, she ìs automatically entitled to accompany him on all his foreign-tours but, as ill-luck would have it, here she’s running from pillar tò post for a mere issuance of her passport, only to have her applications being rejected time and again.

Beside this, as CM of Gujarat, the famous ‘Soni Gate’ is, in fact, one amongst his darkest spots.

To top it all, Mr. Modi has inducted Nihal Chand, a rape accused to his Cabinet and refuses to budge despite repeated demands from various quarters for his removal, indicating his scant respect for women.

His statement ‘despite being a woman’ while talking about his Bañgladéshi counterpart, had raised many eyebrows internationally and invited mocking and angry reactions from many quarters.

Still, it seems that he has not learnt any lessons. His statements mocking and abusing Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, President of the Indian National Congress and the principal opposition party of India, always cross all limits of decency, showing the PM of India, as well as Mr.Narendra Modi as an individual, in a very poor light.

But again, expecting anything else from a man, who had crossed all limits to discuss a respectable woman, the then girlfriend of a much respected leader of the nation and later went on to become his legally-wedded wife, as ’50 crore girlfriend’ while addressing an election rally is, in fact, asking for too much.

Even the highly-respected chair which has seen stalwarts like Pt. Ñehru occupying it as one of Mr. Modi’s predecessors has failed to inspire him to mend his ways,which is indeed very unfortunate for ‘We, the people of India’.

In fact, it would not be wrong to sum up his mindest towards women thus:

PM or nò PM, Mr. Narendra Modi can do ‘No Right’.