NEWSOK, so now a days, we have been hearing this day and night about the new term which our media have coined – THE NATIONALIST MEDIA and PSEUDO SECULAR AND LIBERALS. First time in the history of Indian media since last 2 years (not pointing at NDA regime), journalist have come out open in the public and have started naming each other. Some calling themselves the nationalist section of media while stating as a fact that it is very RARE.

I would like to quote one line from a famous PSEUDO LIBERAL journalist as portrayed by a very quiet, decent and silently listens to all the panelist (sic) on this debate that – “The day when the journalist will get close to the government, then the government will turn a blind eye towards its citizen”. This quote by the journalist is being proven to be true in today’s India.

As we know that the media is called the 4th pillar of the democracy. It has its own duties to perform, viz. asking questions to the govt. on the food inflation, crime rate, commodities prices, basic infrastructure and this should be taken as a healthy criticism. But what to do ? We are the nationalist media !! We don’t and cannot ask questions to the government. So what should we do now ? Raise finger against our own fellow citizen and journalist in the name of Nationalism.

There may be instances when people might think that this might be the internal competition between these senior editors in the section of media. But the truth is much far away from the sky. Journalism has not been now a days what is used to be before. The road or agenda for publicity has been changed. We the people are very innocent. We will take what is fed to us in the name of nationalism. No matter what the truth is. Whenever there is a not an issue the issue is created and served to the nation in the name of cow, tri color  etc.

The other day on the news channel, the same very high profile, English speaking journalist was asking for an Expose, punishment for the fellow journalist for their fake agenda and pro Pakistani agenda. This shows the Ego, the backing of the government few media houses are enjoying for the false propaganda in the name of nationalism. This is a very dangerous trend and would not be a good period to remember in the coming days.