In Independent India the Constitution gives every Citizen the right to Freedom to Speech and Expression.  India has seven states that will be going for State Legislative Assembly Elections in 2017. The tenure of the state legislative assembly of  Goa, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Manipur, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand term will end this year.
The political parties both at National and State level are working overtime for elections. They are gathering their existing strengths and trying to add new aces and face. Every level of party cadre is working on new strategies, planning poll campaign, print media mentions, digital media bytes….social media campaigns…nothing is left untouched by the election hustle.
Media houses are conducting poll surveys – Opinion Polls, Exit Polls, Election Poll Survey, On-Line Polls….I don’t know how many types of polls they conduct. Not my cup of tea. But why should I lag behind, let me also put forth my own personal opinion on polls. Let me start with the largest state Uttar Pradesh.
The surveys say
The UP assembly has 403 members, must win 202 seats to get a majority. According survey expectations Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) headed by Mayawati wins 115-124 seats, present ruling Samajwadi Party wins 94-103 seats, Congress wins 8-12 seats. All this means that even with clear majority BJP will not get enough seats to form the Govt and there is a possibility that it may have to form an alliance or two with the other parties who are expected to win 2-6 seats. In fact, in certain other polls the other parties (10%) are expected to do better than Congress (6%). Take a look:

Latest UP Opinion Poll by India Today-Axis

All the surveys are very confidently pointing out at BJP being the winner, very optimistic and faithful surveys. Appreciate their efforts.
Going by the election rallies by their star campaigner Narendra Modi, he is being greeted by empty chairs, not to mention bus loads of audience being driven from MP and Bihar. In 2014 it was the case of anti incumbency which ruled out Congress. But the BJP failed in doing good to the country on the contrary they have crippled the economy with their disastrous decision of #DeMonetisation. BJP has proved itself as a failure in every way.

India without Congress?

After Amit Shah became BJP President– they wanted to rid India of Congress. More than 50% of their correspondents straightway rejected, while 54% have not liked the idea. BJP has received support from 29% and 17% are not really sure.
All those who have rejected or haven’t  agreed to the idea have one uniform opinion about Congress which speaks a thousand words and billion minds – They believe in Congress for playing the vital role in India achieving Independence. Not stopping there, post Independence the Congress party has ruled India for six decades and has really worked from scratch to build India that we live in today.
The world has felt our presence and has recognised India as the fastest growing Economy. We have made our mark in science and technology, the world looks forward for Indian talent in many fields all thanks to the strong education system which has the IISC, IIST, IITs, IIMs, ISB,..just to name a few.
I relate myself to that vibrant India which is full of life and real people, who don’t work overtime for photo sessions and manipulating data & statistics. Congress party has the strength of Experience, Intelligence, Knowledge and the support of true people who believe in “together we grow stronger”.
Yes growing together is visible in the alliance of SP and INC in UP….CM Akhilesh Yadav is a born leader and has the capability to outwit his opponents without saying a harsh word. He plans ahead and smiles his way out of all the dubious tricks played by his opponents to see him cornered. He has the support of his untiring wife Dimple Yadav who may not be good in politics but is excellent in seeing her husband’s pride intact.
The perfect couple have formed alliance with the best siblings Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi to fight it tooth and nail. They are blessed with the experience and support of their elders Mulayam Singh Yadav and Sonia Gandhi, which makes the perfect formula to combat all the challenges in their way to form the Govt with complete majority.
Don’t go by the surveys because people like me can change their mind even in front of the EVM. Laugh aloud….because this is true, people are unpredictable.
I am sure there are many who think like me…ITS MY VOTE MY RIGHT