Sitting at home I suddenly  thought of doing something productive! but what? I went through the internet, read project reports, success stories, start ups, funding , etc.. etc.. everything cover to cover.

Finally I got the brilliant life changing Idea of  my dream project and that was of a gated community with world class amenities, architecture, design, ambience, everything best in class. Yes classy people need class in everything dayroom to washroom, parking to play ground.

I tried my best to be all in one but with nil experience and negligible knowledge, I was helpless sooner than I thought. Now I decided to rope in my good friends for better ideas and support. I brought in one friend with suitable land for the project, one more with rich father for our initial expenditures and now we were three good to go.

We hired a civil engineer to give us the plan, an architect to design it, contractor for labour, vendors and suppliers were listed. We were on fire working eighteen hours a day discussing, meeting and finalising things. We were on cloud nine and launched the website of the project.

We were more than happy because we didn’t have the slightest idea of what was waiting in store for us. Then came the D’ day when we started working on our Funding, C A and Financial consultants came into the picture…. days became longer nights became shorter as we were all inexperienced on financial aspect of the project.

Now we required the liaison officer to represent us for capital investment. We named him our FM… Fund Manager not Finance Minister, he claimed to have ‘good’ connections, we believed him. He would arrive on a chauffer driven car sponsored by us and take us to one bank per day, we would meet the AGM, discuss the project details, have tea and come back, till we visited all the banks listed in the country.

Days and months rolled but we couldn’t get the investment, it was important for us to do something soon. We pooled our best ideas and thought of bringing Foreign Investor… there we got the idea and we set to make it true.

Now we were meeting every one who claimed to know an “Investor” overseas.  Everyday we met dozens of agents and representatives. Every time we were paying for their travel and expenditure to fix the appointment, exchange documents, food etc.. etc.. But we weren’t even inching towards our goal.

We took the big decision and thought of going to the “investor” ourselves. Now our search was for that particular agent who would take us to the “investor”.  Finally we succeeded in finding our knight of swords.  He promised us one to one meeting in Hong Kong with the “Investor”.

All the arrangements were made for the great meeting, Tickets for three of us, our C A, our knight and five ‘representatives’ from which side exactly not known to us, in our excitement, we didn’t think it important to find out. Rooms in Star Hotel were booked, advances were given for little shopping for travel.

We were all set to fly, reached the airport and landed safely. All made ourselves comfortable in the luxurious hotel rooms, had good food and took rest for the day. Next day was the meeting scheduled, we were happy and eager to meet the “investor”.

Next day.. morning became afternoon and then evening but no one came to meet us. We insisted to know the reason.. we learnt that “investor” had to fly to Kuala Lumpur for some urgent matter and was expect after two days. We had two days on hand so decided to go around the place, more expenditure but we didn’t mind.

The investor delayed his return by another two days, we consoled ourselves and agreed to wait for him. The bills were soaring as ten of us enjoying our ‘holidays’ in Hong Kong. We sat down to work out where to draw the line. After two days again we were only waiting to hear nothing, now we had to put our foot down.

We pressurised the agent to learn that there was no “Investor”….all that he wanted was to fly to Hong Kong and enjoy. All six were enjoying at our expense and we were… swiping every card to clear the bills……

We came back….to our home…and to our senses…and swore never to run behind #Phantom of Funding….

But the desire of project……is still alive…will continue….