Apart from the address at the joint session of the US congress experts wrote off Modi’s recent US visit as insignificant only to miss the 6 nuclear reactors which a US company will built. Yes and the company’s name has also been finalised, it is Westinghouse Electric Corporation. What the joint statement missed was the fact that these reactors are going to cost the Indian government a close to 4 Lac crores. Yes you could check the figures online.

This is a huge amount. And was an open tender floated for such a case? So how did this happen? Well to put it bluntly one democracy forced the other democracy to sign an agreement? But why? Well everybody knows. (The clue : these big electric companies fund a large chunk of US elections.)

In east Asia, Japan has built large Nuclear Reactors, In Europe, France has built large Nuclear Reactors but the US government has not forced them to follow agreements. Good for their people. So why did this happen in the Indian Case? Well, as Mr. Modi keeps saying it is the friendship which Modi and Obama share.

This is a gross utilisation of Public Money. Instead of strengthening Indian Organisations such as BARC or Nuclear Power Corporation of India, Mr. Modi has succumbed to the lures offered by an American Giant. I thought Modi wanted “Make in India”, or as our outgoing Governor Rajan proposed “Make for India”.

Well the Congress was better, they would not sale the soul of our nation but just a small thing here and there. But Modiji has sold the country and its 1.25 billion to US.

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