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Beef Politics -Bose Shruti
The Government of India has suddenly turned into the “Gauvment” of India. The religious sentiments of the Hindus have been cunningly used to encash votes. India is now under a severe grip of intolerance, so much so, that one might feel cows are far safer than the Muslims and Dalits in the country. The mischiefs of the cunning party spirit has destroyed the unity in diversity of the country along with the feeling of brotherhood among men. The Constitution of India declares India as a Sovereign Socialist Democratic Republic. With the 42nd Amendment of the Indian Constitution, enacted in 1976, the Preamble stated India as a secular nation with no particular state religion. Every individual irrespective of their caste or religion is to be equal in the eyes of the state.

The Constitution of India has suddenly receded to the background, the spirit of the constitution forgotten. A division has rendered the country into two rival camps with the self-proclaimed protectors of Hinduism on one side and Muslims, Dalits and rational men on the other.The new party spirit for its own selfish interests has been successful in breeding hatred and spreading among men a feeling of hostility for their own countrymen. Dr.B.R Ambedkar almost made a prophetic statement when he said ” there could not be a body more unsuited to take up the work of the uplift of the untouchables than the Hindu Mahasabha. It is a Hindu militant organization”.This statement was proven right when the RSS activists attacked the rally for Rohit Vemula in Mumbai. There have been various instances which hint at the growing intolerance in the country. Two children of a Dalit family were burnt alive and their parents faced serious injuries when their house was set on fire in Sunped village of Faridabad.Manohar Khattar played a prominent role in fuelling the intolerance that led to this heinous crime. The rape and murder of Dalit girl, Delta Meghwal from Barmer, Rajasthan has again painfully pointed out to the darkness that India has been driven into. Modi and the RSS kept mum when a village resident of western Uttar Pradesh,Mohammad Akhlaque was lynched in 2015. Again there was an incident at Una in Gujrat where young Dalits were flogged for allegedly skinning a dead cow.

The BJP – RSS – Hindu Mahasabha trio, has not only spread intolerance in the country but also distorted history to make it more suitable for their own purposes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that the Hindu kings used to lose battles because Muslim rulers “cunningly placed cows at the head of their troops “.Eminent historians consider Modi’s claim to be incorrect. They have described it as a “falsehood” spread by the RSS.One of the most famous historians and a specialist on ancient and medieval India, Prof.Irfan Habib considers Modi’s statement to be a “falsehood”. Habib said “It’s a falsehood ;its nonsense. Neither in ancient India nor in medieval India is there any evidence on cows being placed as a line of defense by any army”. Historian Arjun Dev said ” this is the kind of history that is taught in shakha schools (Sangh camp schools). I have never come across any historical material that corroborates what the Prime Minister said but I have a recollection of hearing something like this at a Shakha school in my early childhood “. A leading newspaper of the country, The Telegraph, has published an article titled ‘Modi counts cow cost ‘ stating that the fault lines running through Gujrat and Uttar Pradesh has forced Modi to bash the cow protectors though it seemed that the he was unwilling and forced to do so only because of the fear of losing votes and support. His statement addressed to the “gau rakshaks” was frail, powerless and half-hearted which ended without an assurance of taking stern actions against those who commit atrocities in the name of cow protection.

-By Bose Shruti