Highlights Mission Punjab with Captain Amarinder Singh

Mission Punjab with Captain Amarinder Singh

On 27th Jan 2017 BJP star campaigner Narendra Modi who is also the Prime Minister of India, glorified the Hindu-Sikh unity in his Punjab election rally to the state electorate from Jalandhar, Modi said, “Some people want to destabilise Punjab. They cannot digest the Hindu-Sikh unity in the state. Such forces need to be taught a lesson. People of Punjab would not forgive them.”
Modi gave all the credit to Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal for safeguarding the communal harmony in Punjab.
“Elections would keep happening. Political equations may keep changing. But I want to ask the Opposition – why have you defamed my Punjab? Why are you maligning the youth of Punjab before the world,” Modi said, referring to the allegations of wide-scale drug menace in the state.
“The land of Punjab continues to give us veers (warriors) who serve at our borders. They are the most hardworking people. Punjabis are surging ahead in every sphere of life. How dare did the Opposition malign my Punjab?”
“Corruption affects most adversely the common man. His life is affected in the worst manner due to corruption. It is because of corruption that are masses are still reeling under poverty. But my government has taken the resolve, we would break the backbone of corruption. I may not be supported by the corrupts, but the people of India are with me. I have your blessings. Our government has taken the resolve of rooting out corruption from the nation.”
“Punjab is proud of surgical strikes because every other family in the state has sent their kin to the borders. Punjabis send their one son to the border and other to the field,” Modi added.
“Now elections are round the corner, so several politicians are attempting manipulate the farmers. They have levelled baseless accusations against Badal sahab. But I can assure you no can work as hard for farmers as your chief minister. Every time I met Badal sahab, he remains most concerned about issues affecting the agrarian community,” Narendra Modi said at the Jalandhar rally.
The Supreme Court of India made it illegal to seek votes in the name of religion, caste, race, community or language on 3rd January 2017.
This shows how much respect he has for the Supreme Court of India. Surprisingly the Election Commission also is caught napping, they have not uttered a word against this religiously glorified campaign. Does that mean BJP has no stopping no matter they illegally woo the voters in the name of religion or caste?
It proved yet again that Narendra Modi is capable of delivering pre written speeches. He has no idea of truth or facts. He has not wasted his valuable time on looking at the actual problems Punjab is captive in.
He is so confident of the Badals then why is Punjab reeling under so much Debt, to be precise its an average burden of  ₹38,000 per resident.
He accused the opposition of Maligning the youth of Punjab of drug addiction, he has been the Prime Minister for over 2.5 yrs now, didn’t he think of looking into what is the truth of the drug menace in the state. The entire world media is speaking about it but he seems to be living in fairy land.

He was proud to mention the surgical strikes.But even surgical strike has evidently failed to deter Pakistan from exhibiting aggression against India. Although an attempt was made to create celebratory atmosphere by jingoist opinion makers after the surgical strikes, the reality at borders contradicted it. According to a report 32 Indian soldiers were killed after surgical strikes till 2016
And bigger question but why does the Govt fail to curb the drugs exchange across the border
On the other hand opposition leader and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi slammed Punjab’s ruling Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) and its leading family, the Badals, for being complicit in drug trade and rampant corruption.
“I said four years ago that 70 per cent youth are affected by drugs. The Badals made fun of me. Now, whole Punjab is saying what I said,”
“We’ll introduce such laws in the state that people will tremble at the thought of (using/trading) drugs.”
“They (the Badals) have ruined the future of Punjab. But the people are not at fault, the government is. We (the Congress) are not here to make false promises. The government must deal with the serious issues of drugs and corruption. Only a Congress government can successfully do this,”
“Be it farmer, labourer or small time trader, they’ve all been bled dry by the current government. Congress will give the people’s money back to them. Their money will go into developing your state,”
” When farmers see ‘badal’ (clouds), they feel happy in their hearts, but the Badals of Punjab are not so generous” was Rahul’s poetic dig on Badals.
“On one hand, Modi says he is fighting corruption and on the other hand he is trying to help India’s most corrupt person. So, Mr Modi, tell us clearly if you are fighting against corruption, then why are you standing by Sukhbir Badal. Why are you helping him. Entire Punjab knows Sukhbir Badal is a symbol of corruption, but you say no he is not a symbol of corruption. Now, whether people are right or whether you (Modi) are right, we will come to know in polls,” he said.
“Jo Congress kehti hai, vo karke dikhati hai,” Rahul proclaimed to a cheering crowd and promised to end the debt of Punjab.
“Punjab will be run by Punjabis. Punjab Chief Minister will be from Punjab. Punjab’s Chief Minister is sitting here. Amarinder Singh is Punjab Chief Minister. He will be the Punjab Chief Minister,” Rahul Gandhi said and put an end to rumours that Navjot Singh Sidhu will be the chief ministerial candidate.
When I compare the two leaders:
⦁  I find Congress is strong in values and much closer to reality.
⦁ They understand the people and their needs well and think of solving their problems.
⦁  I don’t say that it is possible to implement every plan with 100% success, but to have thought of a 100% plan makes a lot of difference to the lives of people.
⦁  Shows transparency in policy decisions made by Congress.
⦁ Shows the faith they have in their Captain Amerinder Singh.
Yes I too say…” Chalo Captain de naal te kar do Punjab nu khush haal”.
# Mission Punjab with Captain Amarinder Singh