This was during my high school days in Bangaluru. I was more of a Tom boy,  most of the time involved in extra curricular activities.. don’t get confused I don’t sing or dance. My extra activities were writing news & thought of the day on school board, helping my library ma’m in arranging books, carrying notebooks to staffroom, helping the examination coordinator in organising the stationary etc…very busy.
I was not ‘out’ standing student, I had NCC and sports to keep me active. I played Hockey for the school team and represented Bangaluru Region for Junior girls and made it to Karnataka state junior team, though couldn’t play due to Xth boards.
As usual the inter school games and sports meet came, our school had talent and stamina overflowing. We won the inter school matches and were to play regionals in Hyderabad. I managed to get permission to go to Hyderabad.
All set to travel by a Video Coach, those days it was luxury when computers were just making their way into schools. With four staff members we were forty sports kids for different track and games events. To travel to Hyderabad, the city of Nawabs, our enthusiasm knew no bounds. We boarded the bus…non of us was willing to sleep.
We sang our way by playing antaakshari, all in happy mood. Had snacks and dinner but Hyderabad…still miles away. I was most excited because I am from Andhra Pradesh, my pride was soaring higher with every passing hour.
It was 23:00 hrs when we entered Hyderabad…oh my gosh we finally reached!! We were to go to Bolarum in Hyderabad for our stay and sports meet. It was midnight and there were very few people on the roads.
Driver uncle too was native of Bangaluru, so we had no option but to ask our way to the destination, he asked some one and was told to take left and go ten furlongs..ok…we didn’t know what was furlong but driver uncle understood.
At 23:45 hrs we were still taking right and left turns, once again he enquired the way, this time it was…take left and ten furlongs…01:45 hrs….driver uncle some how managed to find some one to tell us the way to Bolarum. Some serious discussions and driver uncle showed the written address. After reading the address…this guy said something and there was silence when we saw their shocked faces.
He told us to take a U turn and go all the way back to where we had asked the direction for the first time..yes that’s right…no option. We were very angry but contained the restless to set our foot in Hyderabad city.
Finally we reached back to the spot but this time requested one local person to board the coach and take us to Bolarum. He agreed looking at our drooped faces, we set out to our destination and lo we reached Bolarum, in Hyderabad City.
It was 05:00 hrs and we jumped out of the coach, I walked a little ran a little…till suddenly I was curious to know why we lost our way? I carefully parked myself near our PET sir to listen to the conversation.
My discovery of truth was: Hyderabad is not one but twin cities Hyderabad & Secunderabad,  there are not one but two Bolarums in Hyderabad City, one each in either of the twin cities…Miyapur Bollaram in Hyderabad and Bolarum in Secunderabad which has the Rashtrapati Nilayam. Both have same pronunciation.
I am sure by now every one has understood that we were shuttling between Bollaram and Bolarum…
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