New Delhi, Delhi, India:

SafetyFirst1LSquare Technologies, young and innovative provider of software development, mobile applications, today announced the launch of “Safety-first” – a new, free Adriod mobile application for personal safety.The beta version of the application is currently available for both low-end and high-end Android phones and will soon be available for iPhone and BlackBerry devices.

LSquare Technologies “Safety – First”, created to help vulnerable groups such as women, children, professionals, working late at night, foreign tourists and city visitors, allows users to send emergency SMSs with GPS information to preset lists of trusted contacts. There is no need for any registration to use the app.

The mobile application can send SMS/calls/e-mail alerts to near and dear ones in case of difficulty. The application configures GPS and also sends location data along with the SMS. Users can add several emergency numbers to which the message will be sent. This application also comes with an option of social posting in case of difficulty. You can configure this app with your facebook & twitter account.

Using the Safety – First app is simple. At the start of the application, the user first must preset the contacts of friends and relatives who will be notified in the case of an imminent threat. To decrease response time in emergency situations the app involves just the one-touch function of simply pressing an “Activate!” button to send out an SMS with GPS information.

LSquare Technologies “Safety – First” allows the user to personalize the “help” and “safe” messages. The application also includes a Directory of police stations in Delhi. Going ahead, LSquare Technologies team plans to add other Indian cities to this police directory as well as city-by-city contact information of hospitals and NGOs in the country. The app will also include the option to report crimes the user witnesses but may not be the victim of.

The application for Android can be downloaded for free here. One can also search for the term “Safety – First” in the Google Play store to get the app.