I never remembered his profession but I always knew him as the follower of ISLAM. An American who converted to ISLAM and denied to fight for US army.

In morning, a friend said Muhammad Ali died, I was unable to react and his entire journey was in front of my eyes. I was against ISLAM because we all are, because we don’t know what it is, because we don’t know there is difference between Muslim and ISLAM.im

These days, I hardly meet a true Muslim who has proper knowledge of ISLAM and trust me when I meet true followers of ISLAM it makes my day. What is respect, what is love , how one should live , how one should talk , why one should pray  , how prayers heal your soul and how one can stay honest and loyal in this materialistic world … this all is taught in ISLAM.

We have many theories about ISLAM, but ISLAM is solitary, ISLAM is a duty which never let you commit a single crime. Muslim is a designation which is given to the person who follows ISLAM. Like a driver is one who drives a car, cook performs cooking, here we don’t call driver to a son of driver neither we address cook to cook’s son, because these are designations and unless person don’t perform duty, he is just him!!

Same way ISLAM is a duty and Muslim is a designation to the person who performs it, obeys it, it is not obligatory that Muslim’s son is also Muslim ,he becomes Muslim by following and obeying ISLAM.

This truth was acknowledged by Lt. Muhammad Ali and he became the follower of ISLAM and being follower he got the designation of MUSLIM.

I am really ashamed to see people who are born in Muslim families but do not have miniature knowledge about ISLAM. This makes it a group of terror.

The most famous confrontation which I appreciate of Muhammad Ali is the time when he raised his voice against AMERICA , he was strong headed , kind hearten and said that I won’t fight for AMERICA against my own brothers , who are black , who are poor , trying to achieve something and being powerful AMERICA wants to kill them all but I will not be afraid of America’s power and will listen to my heart which says let the seeds grow , let others too grow , don’t be greedy and never support greedy.case

America put case on him and his license was cancelled but he did not give up. His religion was chosen by him and was not a headway thing.

Whole world is paying tribute to him and pray for his console in heaven. It proves his ISLAM. After you die, your karmas are proven, your actions decide your destiny and how many people pay tribute to you make god feel proud of you.

Either its Donald trump or US Army, Muhammad Ali thrashed them badly on their obnoxious statement against Muslims. And I would only convey one thing here that MUHAMMAD ALI was a real Muslim, a follower of ISLAM. Now decide what ISLAM teaches…he had knowledge about ISLAM, look at his life and see what all he learnt from ISLAM. He could get lots of benefits from US Army but he still did not kill people . “Because ISLAM never says to kill even an ant”islam

Those terrorist, sinners who are Muslims are blind and uneducated bunch of illiterates who has no idea about ISLAM. And Non-Muslims committing sin by abusing ISLAM.

Muhammad Ali fought till his last breath and kept saying ISLAM don’t teach fight, Now he is gone with the same statement that ISLAM is a duty and it has love and respect for all.

Paying tribute to Muhammad Ali?


                                  Just stop racism, casteism and partiality with any religion.