This is 2016 and Delhi has a kind of Chief Minister, who is awesome and fantastic in debates but when it comes to delivery of commitments, he has one thing to say “I want to do but centre  don’t let me do” . A CM with no power is ruling the Capital Territory of India. A man who loves to debate and his public who loves his debates too!! What else can be expected out of this debate game ? A new debate…

In 2013 , Arvind Kejriwal called Sheila Dixit a Poor CM who has no control on Police and kept provoking Public by saying that what kind of CM is this who has no control on Police !! I wonder if he was uneducated or unaware of law at that time? Or is this public who don’t cross check things but jump on conclusion.

Its 2016 , the ratio of crimes has increased in Delhi , power cuts and water shortage has made life of Delhi people like slum dogs. Above all, This CM has made Delhi the most safest place for rapist. The accused of Nirbhaya Case who did the heinous crime and violently broke her organs is provided by a source of Income. This CM is so kind that he forgives rapists and concerned about their bread and butter. Oh my CM …may I ask you if it would have happened with your own daughter , would you have done the same thing?? The rape cases have increased in more vulgur way ,5-year-old-Raped-in-New-Dehli-Image-1

a 5 year old get raped and different objects were found in her vagina. Because rapists are more confident as they have no fear of punishment. Assholes who has no job and frustrated by everything , raping girls so that they will be jailed where they will be provided by 3 times meals and place to stay and once their jail term is over they will have source of income provided by their lovable CM

After seeing these crimes, and reading such news on daily basis , I am afraid to think about my next generation. Every mother is scared; every father prays about his daughter’s safety, every brother is escorting sister like bodyguard.

This is no humanity MR. CM ! But a way of provoking criminals. One thing that covers all your sin is your power of debate. You are marvelous in debates that people get carried away and believes in you.

On every question, you have a dialogue to deliver, we want to do but center government don’t let us do !! Police is not in my control and so on. What should we get out from these statements?Are you trying to be a PM? You are conveying this statement to everyone’s mind that you have no power to act. This is not the first time when DELHI is having CM , and no previous CM has ever cried like you or put blame every time.

The man who is hungry for power , money and fame that’s all you are . Awesome in debates but you are null in delivering anything. You are like a whore who loves to get fuck and then looks for sympathy as there is nothing I can do.

Come on , Man stop being a dual face mediocre , and deliver what you have promised , at least if you can’t deliver what you have promised then do not support rapist like Mukesh who deserve stoned to death punishment only.

It’s a big shame of calling such man a CM . It was me who voted you, now you have made DELHI a brothel with your cheap activities and mindset.

You can only debate and debate and nothing more. Fuck up with your debate and delivery safety, security, basic needs which Delhi people deserves!!

Empty vessel makes noise and you are the big one. But yeah we deserve to be fucked up because its us who liked your barking, and voted you instead going through the books which enlighten the knowledge. Media is a buy-able thing and we trust media, we do not use our own brain and choose CM after advertisement like it’s a shoe pair ….How does it matter if its leather or cheap material , it looks good can be used for sometimes !

So , Mr. CM thank you for screwing up the whole DELHI and supporting rapists. We deserve to live life without water and electricity, in fear of getting raped because we like your debates. We don’t need CM who believes in delivering commitments but someone who is good in debates.