My journey has started with craziness 4 RG from 2nd Apr 2011 when Ind-SL Final ICC Cup were played n RG was present there n I became flat on him den I started 2 search about him.I consider him as a leader not politician because a politician does only politics may be good or bad bt a leader leads d country, serves d country n helps d people for the country by many ways.RG said that he joined politics not because of his family background but he wanted 2 help d people of our country.RG told that when his father Rajiv Gandhi died he saw that many people were frightened n they bursted into tears n also became very helpless.RG always use 2 raise d voice against poverty. When people ask me that why i m crazy 4 RG?What’s d reason behind my craziness 4 RG?So I tell them the reason is everything or d reason is nothing.I call RG My Prince because he is My Prince not hero because anybody can become a hero but Prince is only 1 which is RG.The best qualities of RG are-He always speaks d truth,He listens n speaks from his heart because those who speak from their heart r true.I m not a huge,big n gr8 fan of RG m d No.1 fan of him n I fully believe that 1day he will also say dis 2 me whenever we will meet.I use 2 see n listen RG’s speeches he is straight forward person.He accepts his victory or defeat very gracefully.RG has d courage 2 accept d truth.Very few people r like that.I like his attitude towards youth.I m not good at writing articles n dis is my 1st article which is on RG but I use 2 write diaries.Many people make fun of my craziness 4 RG but I don’t care.I will always stand with RG.RG’s 1 thing I always remember-“Always listen to your heart and whatever it tells you, do it..”RG always talks about love,peace n unity whereas other politicians r just opposite.They use hatred,abusive languages which is very distressful 4 our country.I told many reasons about my craziness 4 RG n in another word I said nothing,No reason 4 craziness 4 RG n I have also an explanation 4 dis-“It isn’t important to have reason to like or be crazy about someone.”In d end of my article I will say just few words,”There is none like RG and he is the best, I love you RG..

this article is authored by Purnima Ji @Purnima11269200( Claim herself to be No1 Fan of Rahul Gandhi)


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