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How journalists like Swati Chaturvedi are a joke on the 4th Pillar of democracy and a secret weapon of the AAP


Legislature, executive and judiciary are the three pillars of democracy while media is considered the fourth pillar of democracy. Media is expected to be totally unbiased and report impartially, all political and social events of importance. However nowadays journalists seem to advocate their opinions rather than report facts.


Ms. Swati Chaturvedi with twitter handle @Bainjal and a frequent writer with DailyO is an example of media persons who have become a joke on journalism and a secret weapon of Arvind Kejriwal.


Most of her articles are anti Modi and target the flip-flop policies of BJP. It appears that her agenda is to make an impact by tapping 75% of the audience. It’s natural in a country like India that there will always be a large section of the population that is anti-establishment, and Ms.Chaturvedi, endeavours to influence this section. In 2014, the BJP could secure a mere 31% of the vote share despite enjoying favourable conditions and a so-called Modi wave. With time, Modi lost around 5-10% of the vote share and Ms. Chaturvedi seeks to be the face of that 75% people who are not in favour of the BJP.


However, she is a closet AAP supporter, and as such is rattled by the massive support Mr. Rahul Gandhi received post demonetization, not only from the public at large but also because he emerged as the leader of the united opposition in parliament. She is aware that the prospects of AAP growth and vote share depend on Indian National Congress (INC) vote share rather than on the BJP vote share. What seems to have rattled Ms. Chaturvedi is that Mr. Gandhi along with the president of the INC, Ms. Sonia Gandhi secured a 33% popularity for the possible PM contenders in a recent poll, while Mr. Kejriwal secured a mere 5%.


Ms. Chaturvedi accused Mr. Gandhi of being  a secret weapon of Mr. Modi when he choose to meet the PM over the issue of loan waivers for farmers in distress. She called it a self goal and questioned Mr. Gandhi’s understanding of politics, not taking into account that in a democracy the person and post need to be treated as separate entities.


Mr. Gandhi’s meeting with the PM over loan waivers attests his political maturity. It was indeed only Mr. Gandhi who has been relentlessly striving for the cause of farmers whose progress has been crippled by two successive droughts and the man-made calamity of demonetization. He wants to connect DeMo with loan waiver and pressurize the PM to implement loan waivers. Regarding the timing, it appears she has a grievance with the unity of opposition. It was the last day of parliament and was supposed to be like all previous days. With the upcoming elections in UP, parties like SP, BSP, RJD (supporting SP in UP) are unlikely to be in agreement with the INC. One thing Ms. Chatrvedi overlooked is that the leaders of JD(U) and TMC, are both aspiring to be PM in 2019 and are yet with INC over the present issues. It appears that the support of the JD(U) and TMC rattled her as both these parties had a favourable equation with the AAP.


She earlier unfairly criticized Mr.Gandhi’s Khat Sabhas, as they were highly successful and it helped Mr. Gandhi establish himself as a favourite of the farmers. It helped Mr. Gandhi find his voice and weapon against the PM. Further, there are upcoming elections in the states of Punjab and Goa where the agrarian strife is of primary importance. The AAP is trying hard in both states and INC is the main opponent with loan waiver as one of main promises. With Mr. Gandhi presenting the ‘Kisan Mang Patras’ during his meeting with the PM he is being seen in favourable light amongst the farmers. Mr. Gandhi, promptly after the meeting with the PM, went to Goa, where he expressed his anguish over the PM not uttering a word on loan waiver.


What appears to be worrying the AAP supporters is that Mr. Gandhi is making headlines and an impact amongst the deprived sections of society. People are increasingly accepting Mr. Gandhi as mass leader and see hope in him. He is being perceived as one who can fight against the divisive agenda of the RSS and so the paid journalists are given the task of creating two perceptions. First to criticize Modi and to make sure people don’t look at Mr. Gandhi as an option. The article by Ms.Chaturvedi is a perfect example to show media hypocrisy. She subtly promoted the AAP by claiming in her article that“ Modi is wrong but please don’t look RG at option”


Mr. Gandhi has never indulged in the “shoot and scoot” politics; he successfully fought with the govt over Land acquisition bill and over Net neutrality. He exposed the agenda of the RSS in front of the whole nation. His one jibe made Modi sell his “suit-boot.” He exposed to Mr. Modi’s supporters that the tax amnesty scheme is actually and a “Fair & Lovely” scheme. And soon he will reveal what evidence he has against Mr. Modi’s personal culpability in corruption by presenting it on the floor of house rather than use other channels.


India definitely deserves better journos than ones who are masquerading as journalists but actually working to promote the agenda of one political party or another. I therefore urge Ms. Chaturvedi to be objective and true to the principles and ethics of journalism.


This is an open letter in response Swati Chaturvedi Article