There are many firsts in the history. That is what it is for. But by putting up a team of auditors on top of CAG is one of its kind. But why? It is clearly a signal that we want to protect companies or cause inevitable delays. The same has happened in the case against the leading Telecos of India.

The story is as follows: Government of India in UPA-2 tenure found that there was some misreporting of profits by some telecom companies. They put CAG to audit the private accounts of these companies. Companies relent and the matters went to many courts. The CAG then filed a transfer petition and brought all the cases to SC which gave them permission to audit the accounts in Apr. 2014 (Hard work done to get this permission) . They audit and found out that these companies have siphoned of 45K cr and this is not notional but an actual figure which the exchequer  can get right away.

Now what does our beloved BJP government do? They appoint a team of auditors on top of CAG defying the role of CAG itself. By 1971 CAG act, it has supreme auditing power. It appears that the government has become above the Constitution and the laws of this country.

Remember the Vodafone case, when the then Fin. Minster and the current president imposed 10K Cr penalty because the GOI found that there were some grey issues in the transactions. That indeed cost GOI a huge sum of backfirings among some ill doers but the then government did what was right without caring about perceptions. But today by delaying sending notices to these telecos, BJP Government is sending strong signals of graft.

SAD for people of India!


Don't limit democracy to make capitalist invest in political campaigns.