godse-gandhiThe Constitution of India declares India as a  sovereign socialist secular democratic republic. With the 42nd Amendment of the Indian Constitution, enacted in 1976,  the preamble stated India as a secular nation where there is no particular state relegion. The people of India have the right to religion. They can practice any religion of their choice. All relegions will be given equal treatment by the State. The secular quality of India makes India so unique where there is unity in diversity. People possesing different religious faiths live together side by side united by a feeling of brotherhood.

The Indian National Congress has always belived in secularism. It belives firmly on the oath we take on every Independence Day that all Indians are my brothers and sisters irrespective of caste, colour and relegion. Mahatma Gandhi, a stalwart of the Indian freedom struggle devoted his entire life in ensuring communal harmony. He took every possible measure to protect the secular quality of India. He did not believe in differentiating Indians on the basis of caste, colour or relegion. A sister concern of the Bjp, RSS killed the mahatma with three bullets and ended the life of the father of the nation. The Rss and Bjp have nowadays resolved to the worshipping of Godse as a great figure. The Indian National Congress believes firmly that humanity is the greatest relegion of all. Unlike the Bjp who want to divide the county into narrow fragments on the basis of relegion just to encash votes and capture power, Congress belives in the language of humanity. Rahul Gandhi the vice president of the Congress party recently in a rally in Assam urged people not to shout Narendra Modi Murdabadh. This clearly reflects his very positive frame of mind.

We must not let India be broken into fragments on the provocation of such communal parties who believe in spreading commual tension in the country for its own advantage. Infact the bjp came to power by spreading communalism and making false promises of “acche din” which hasn’t arrived. The price of all essential commodities has gone up.
Mahatma Gandhi once said “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean ; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty,the ocean does not become dirty “.
We must not let Bjp divide the nation thus destroying the unity of India. Divisive policy of Bjp on the basis of caste and relegion is not only against the unity of the nation but unconstitutional as well.

By -Shruti Bose