Recently the Supreme Court had demanded the government to not support the Gau Rakshaks to take law into their hands. This was as a result of a PIL filed by Tehseen Poonawalla against the Gaurakshaks and the central government and some states involved in this activity. Though the court rebuked the government, activists Shehzad Poonawalla and Tehseen Poonawalla knew very well that the government would not take this advice of Supreme Court seriously. It was an instantaneous impulse they had; to sit in front of Parliament where many tourists even non Indians have access and show their concern by applying a black tape on their mouths and holding a statue of Gandhi in their hands.
There was no crowd either. Still the Delhi Police detained them. Shehzad ji told the police that he knows law and he requested the Delhi Police to explain why they want to detain them and just explain which law they had broken. If they had broken any law Shehzad ji was ready to apologize to the police then and there. The reply to this question by the Delhi Police has given us a clue as to where our New India is heading to.
Delhi Police said “Har jagah law nahi chalta hai” and also “Gandhi Chale Gaye” The next day there was an outlash on Twitter. However the Delhi Police did not take any action against the erring police officer like suspending him or rebuking him. This exposed the real mentality of the Delhi Police. See if one police commits a mistake the entire Delhi Police need not bear the brunt provided they distance themselves from that comment and punish the erring officer.
Delhi has a population of more than one crore but you cannot find even one Delhite who would say that Delhi Police is not corrupt. That means Delhi Police likes Gandhi. Delhi Police does not like the ideology of Gandhi but it does like currency notes which bear the picture of Gandhi and they don’t mind to gather more such Gandhi pictures by hook or crook. How and why the Delhi Police has deteriorated so much? This is just because of their forgetting the contributions of freedom fighters including Gandhi.
Everyone thinks that RSS does not like Gandhi but if we see the history we come to know that Nathuram Godse murdered Gandhi. Before murdering Gandhi ji, Godse was associated with RSS. However after the murder it was RSS that distanced itself from Godse and did not come to his rescue. Vishwa Hindu Parishad had distributed sweets on the death of Gandhi. Their head quarters in Delhi is just by the side of Birla temple where Gandhiji was murdered.
Gandhi ji was informed by the intelligence officers that he could be murdered but Gandhi ji did not ask for any security. He believed in Ram and unlike the current false devotees of Ram, he proceeded to go in the general public without any security for his daily prayers. When he was shot the parting words were “Hey Ram” This is the essence of Gita. To always remember God so that at the time of death also one remembers God and chants His Holy Name so that he is liberated from the cycle of birth and death. Gandhi ji was a true Hindu unlike the hate mongering gau rakshaks.
It was the son of Gandhi who appealed the court and wanted the punishment of death sentence of Godse to be reduced to something like life imprisonment. So everything about Gandhi was high in principles. The principle of forgiving the first terrorist of India Nathuram Godse from RSS.
Needless to say that RSS has helped in securing votes for Modi to become the PM of India but even today many in RSS had joined RSS to serve the nation and not to become tools in spreading hatred. If the Delhi Police abets hatred then it becomes worse than RSS. Few deranged members of RSS still celebrate the murderer Godse but all in RSS do not agree to such foolish concepts.
Gandhi may have beeen a Congress member but Gandhi is not famous because Gandhi is a Congress man. Gandhi is famous because of his ideology. Gandhi believed in truth, non violence and tolerance. Martin Luther King was impressed by Gandhi philosophy. Then Nelson Mandela was inspired by Gandhi philosophy. Universities around the world have Gandhi philosophy in their curriculum. So Gandhi should be treated as an Indian. We should not judge Gandhi as a Hindu or a Congress man.
Gandhi ji used to read Gita regularly. He used to bathe his intelligence in the teachings of the Gita everyday. Gandhi ji found the answer to all problems in the Gita. Even for political problems Gandhi referred the Gita and found solutions in it. He in fact got his strength from the teachings of Gita of non violence and tolerance. With that firm conviction he sent back the British without even raising a lathi.
Gandhi had written a book named ‘My experiments with truth’ in which he made it clear that he was for the upholding of truth. Now a days in New India we find many fake posts being circulated in the social media by even responsible people. Now a days even the fourth pillar of democracy, the media is doing propaganda of false things and is not covering the truth which is the most essential ingredient of journalism.
This is direct consequence of feeling that Gandhi Chale Gaye. How can we be such traitors as to enjoy the benefits of independence and yet not give due respect to the freedom fighters. We are dividing the freedom fighters as good and bad. We are addressing Indians as Hindus and Muslims. The Britishers had this philosophy of divide and rule. By saying Gandhi Chale Gaye and dividing India we are only weakening India and not strengthening it.
Let me explain how a few radical Hindus are trying to destroy the nation. I shall give the example of Muslim terrorist organisations like ISIS or Taliban. There is no doubt that they are Muslims in those organisations. Christians are the maximum in this world followed by Muslims and then Buddhists. In the world scenario Hindus are but a minority. Now though ISIS and Taliban brought bad name to Muslims, are all Muslims terrorists? No.
The members of the ISIS and Taliban are namazis, they pay zakat, they do Haz pilgrimage, they fast during Ramzan and follow all other rules of Islam. However they missed the basic tenet of Kuran. Muslims address each other with the greeting Salam ale kum which means peace be upon you. Kuran teaches that if a Muslim hurts one person then he is actually hurting the entire humanity. Islam teaches universal brotherhood. Islam wants one world where everyone would trust Allah and be protected by Allah and receive the benevolence of Allah.
Dar es salam means ‘House of peace’ and not place where terror activities have to be planned. Inn my opinion real Islam is the most peace loving religion in the world. However a few isms have brought complete bad name to Islam so much so that anyone having a Muslim name is viewed with suspicion especially at security checks in airports. Can this be called service to Allah? Will such terrror activities please Allah in any way?
Jihad is allowed in Islam. Muslims are permitted to kill. However this is under special circumstances. The circumstances mentioned are when there is threat to religion or a sister is being raped. Even Sikhs are permitted to carry a knife and it is a religious practice. One of the 5 k s to be always adhered even by women. Are Sikhs terrorists? No. You will find that in every city of India there is a Gurudwara which offers free food and accomodation to anyone from any religion for 3 days. The cap of 3 days is for people to not misuse the facility. In special cases the authorities of the Gurudwara can permit a longer stay. The Gurudwara in Nanded provides free food and even gives food packets to eat on the return journey for the piligrims.
We find that the ISIS and the Taliban not only kill non Muslims but also Muslims of different sects than theirs. Islam teaches that a Muslim has no right to kill anyone. This anyone includes even our own self. So suicide bombing is not allowed by Kuran Sharif to anyone who wants to be called as a Muslim.
Same thing is happening with the Hindu radicals. They put on Tilak, visit temples, wear malas, partake prasadam but have missed the essential message of Gita which is non violence and tolerance. Truth is essential for a Hindu. Satyam param dhima hi. A Hindu is not allowed to spread fake news. Gita is compelety against all things false. Gita stands up for truth and promises that if you stand up for truth even though you may have to face lot of troubles, you will surely be victorious in the end.
Now this sect of Hindus who do not follow the tenets of the Gita but act as if they are fighting for the Hindus are like the Muslims of the ISIS and Taliban who act as if they are Muslims but are behaving exactly opposite to the teachings of Islam. Now this ISIS and Taliban tried hard and put lot of bombs all around the world but they have not succeeded in eliminating neither the non Muslims nor the Muslims. Similarly the radical Hindus who are lynching neither eliminated the Muslims nor the support to such Muslims from real Hindus who believe in non violence and tolerance.
The cow for which these lyncings are taking place is a docile creature. It is not a lion to be thristy for blood. Nor is cow a rat to be coward to kill persons in the disguise of lynching by taking shelter of a mob. Cow is indeed the mother. Even cow dung is very Holy. The reason why cow is sacred is because Lord Krishna who is full in 6 opulences 16 kalas and 64 gunas loved the cows. All the 33 crore demigods wanted to honor the cow by staying in the body of the cow in their ansh form. Lakhsmi is the goddess of fortune. She is very rich. She did lot of make up. By the time she reached the venue there was no place left except the cow dung. She gladly agreed to stay in the cow dung. That is why for every aunsthan or yagya the seating place and the homakunda have to be cleansed with cow dung mixed with water.
It gives me great pain when I see not only the Muslims but also the Hindus making fun of cow dung and cow urine. They are ignorant and foolish. My Lord Please forgive these Indians who are actually a burden on earth. They could have been good Indians but became a burden on earth because they say Gandhi Chale Gaye. If they stopped hating the father of the nation and read his books and his love for cow, then they will realize that it is a sin to insult the cow.
Our Prime Minister has done many good things and also some mistakes like demonetization or taking U turns on policies like FDI, MNERGA, Aadhar card, GST etc, Still we love our erring PM. Do you know the reason? Because Gandhi nahi chale gaye. Gandhi ji the, hai aur rahenge. Our PM is great despite his inabilty to check Pakistani attacks and Chinese intrusions or prevent the domestic lynching incidents because PM Modi is from the state of our Bapuji Mahatma Gandhi ji’s Gujarat. Because our PM comes from the land of satyagraha he is great. We forgive him for his mistakes of demonetizationa and faulty implementation of GST because he is from the land of Gandhi and Gandhi taught us non violence and tolerance.


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