Whenever we come across the word “Students” it always remind us of “future architects of the Nation” and with the similar objectives in mind , In 2007 the Government of Delhi established an engineering college “G B Pant Polytechnic “ which stands tall in Okhla the southern part of New Delhi specially for the poor and bright underprivileged talent.

To get an admission into GBPEC one need to secure highest rank in GGGSIP University entrance exams and many of GB Pant Engineering College students are forlorn to spend their nights in their class rooms as protest against state government’s decision to increase the student seats even without extending the basics needs to run the college and delivered quality engineers and they have written to Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi to come over the college and see the if the facilities at college allow to increase the student intake and see for himself if their demands are justified – but to the misfortunes of the students of the college the honorable Chief Minister of Delhi Shri. Arvind Kejriwal couldn’t get a chance to visit the college .

Below is the list demand of GB Pant Engineering Students which is actually basic needs of any engineering college.

1.Classrooms available in the college are neither suitable for attending the lecture nor they are capable to manage the new student’s strength.
2.They deserve a quality laboratory which is missing in the college
3.Auditoriums are one of the basic need of any educations premises which is again the need of GB Pant Engineering College
4.The collage doesn’t have playground.

Looking at the anti establishment nature of state government and its approach to pay a deaf ear to the issues pertaining to the college and despite of innumerous attempts to approach CM Arvind Kejriwal, Professor Joshil K Abraham found no other way to take up the student’s cause apart from going on indefinite Hunger Strike.

The Chief Minister of Delhi is waiting for MCD elections are more important than those needs of engineering students of the state and more importantly the life of the man who is on hunger strike from past 16 days.
Abraham has been on an indefinite hunger strike in protesting for the rights of the collage, was forcibly taken to AIIMS against his will. As usual our mainstream media are more kin into Azan and Fatwa decided to remain mum over the real issue of the state.

My appeal to Abraham to not feel alone in the cause, there are still many people in India who believe in truth and stand in support of truth. Go ahead and stay strong, India is standing with you.

“Here I should must mentioned that yesterday’s visit of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at AIIMS to meet Professor Abraham has added some fuel to the cause”.

Such educational institutions are pillars of the society which lend a helping hand in shaping bright minds and creating bright futures. Such neglect can only put a great dent on such invaluable institutions who have a futuristic vision of the country.

I shall take this space to mention a quick Thank you note for Madhvi Raghuwanshi a student participating shoulder to shoulder with the students of GB Pant engineering college.


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