I personally condemn the attack on the Reserve Bank of India Governor Urjit Patel by angry TMC worker at #Kolkata, when he reached at airport to fly out of the city. He was there for a board meeting with regional branch of RBI.
People of the Nation should understand he is only a puppeteer holding the chair of responsibility at RBI office, the brain behind the idea is thumping his chest to cover dance of death in the bank queues and beyond the bank queues because of his semi-cooked meal served to the Nation.

Our prime minister never missed a chance to appraise himself over his decision to demonetize of high value currencies but couldn’t manage to arrange few seconds to talk CRPF Solider Rakesh Yadav who defeated bullets of terrorist but could won to surpass the never ending queues at ATMs. So, that he could’ve fed himself and family. Similarly he felt scarcity of time to talk about that Beti, she decided to sacrifice her life being her parents were not able to reach at cash counter by surpassing the long queues to withdraw money for their daughter’s marriage.
I understand that being a human being, it is our character to thump our chest for Whenever we feel that consequences of our decision/ action is something extraordinary and if something goes wrong we try to shade it by cooking up stories around but in current situation our Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modi ji is trying to shade his failure over beats of his chest thumping.

If I understand people of the nation correctly, they always stood behind the decision of government of nation from the day of Independence. Despite of the fact that few of the decisions went against the people and most work as pro-people, they supported the government .Similarly many are standing in ATMs and Bank’s queues despite of every day odds with an expectation that may this monumental disaster will bring something good for them and few are standing knowingly that this decision will only bring adverse effect in their life.

Many has already lost their Job from both informal sector & formal sector due to sharp decline in sales, revenues, investment etc and it is highly unexpected if our economy could stand up and participate with same pace under world economy’s marathon which was given by ex-prime minister Sri. Manmohan Singh and it is alarming time for the people of the Nation to ask practical questions rather than tuning in with #Modified media’s rhetoric else one fine day we all will be standing with empty hands in the illusion of “sand are in our fist”.

Indian Youth should also try to analysis the authenticity of that so, called historic decision of Demonetization to was brought in with the intention of curbing black money from the economy, then it was said that it will ruin the economy of duplicate notes and terrorism but it took no time to change the goal post and Govt. of the day start playing a flute of Digital economy knowing that Nation’s digital infrastructure stand no ware to handle the situation even if Digital transaction grow by marginally and a big portion of population yet struggling with digital financial literacy. We should always remember that this historic decision lead to 60 alterations/ notification related to execution and implementation of the decision within 41days of #Demonetization.


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