Elections in Uttar Pradesh will be held in seven phases from February 11 to March 8
BJP President Amit Shah, who has the history of arrest and exile for charges of murder, extortion and kidnapping among other charges like illegal surveillance on a woman and Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case.
On Saturday the 28th Jan 2017  he released  manifesto, called ‘Lok Kalyan Sankalp Patra’ (Pledge for People’s Welfare)
“The party is firm on the Ram temple issue…efforts will be made to ensure that Ram temple is constructed under the constitutional provisions,” Shah said.
“All BIMARU – Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh – states have become developed except UP,” he said.
‘Promises’ that Amit Shah made:

  • Will distribute laptops to youth with 1 GB free internet if voted to power in UP
  • Special Task Force to be set up to put an end to illegal mining in UttarPradesh.
  • All universities will get free WiFi facility
  • 25 new medical colleges will be formed.
  • Will set up 6 new AIIMS hospitals in the state
  • Food processing park to be set up in UttarPradesh; 24 hours power to be supplied, cheaper rates for poor
  • BJP to form teams at district levels to check #exodus of people due to communal tension
  • Free education up to Class XII; fees to be waived up to graduation level for meritorious students
  • Agricultural loans to be waived
  • Slaughter houses to be closed down in Uttar Pradesh.

Its so thoughtfully designed that gives a clear message that Uttar Pradesh will be transformed into Paradise if BJP is voted to power. Its so very beautiful for BJP president Amit Shah to promise the sky and later say its all ‘Jumlas” to keep promising many things during election speeches. We don’t actually mean them.
BJP president Amit Shah has said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statements during the Lok Sabha election campaign that Rs 15 lakh will be deposited in the bank accounts of all Indians once the black money is recovered was a political ‘jumla’ (idiom).
When he talks on establishing  Medical colleges and  AIIMS, I want to know where was this high thinking when they made Smriti Irani their Union HRD Minister whose education qualifications are questionable. Not to mention PM Narendra Modi’s education.

Free education, laptops, Wi-Fi…..can that wipe off the scars of Rohit Vemula or Najeeb Ahmed? I don’t think so…Neither will they wipe out Vyapam Scam.

Ram Mandir issue continues to be in the election Manifesto since 1992, we are yet to see it.

On 6 December 1992 they demolished the 16th century Babri Mosque and lead the way to intercommunal rioting between India’s Hindu and Muslim communities for several months, causing deaths of at least 2,000 people. But now they talk of setting #exodus of people due to communal tension. Irony died a several deaths.
They believe in Hindutva or Hindu Nationalism in India is their prime motto and they promise to help Muslim women in representing them for triple ‘Talaq” in the court.


BJP believes that farmers who commit suicide are cowards and criminals, doesn’t miss a chance in taking a dig on the Congress party for being with farmers and waiving their agricultural loans saying country will become poor if Congress keeps waiving farmers’ loans. This time waiving agriculture loans also has made its way to BJP’s election manifesto.
India exported 2.4 million tonnes of beef and veal in FY2015. India itself accounts for 23.5 per cent of global beef exports. This is up from a 20.8 per cent share last year. India’s exports of beef are on the rise even as several states expand their bans on the slaughter of cows and bullocks, according to a report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). But they talk of protecting Cows and banning slaughter houses.

“BJP is going hammer and tongs to return to power in UP after 15 years and will win by 2/3 majority”, Amit Shah said very confidently. In that case why do you need to promise so many lies???
On the other hand Samajwadi Party now lead by Akhilesh Yadav has joined hands with Rahul Gandhi Vice President of Congress Party. They have not promised list of lies to the people. The duo were on the road show in UP where people went crazy to see them together.
Shows how grounded the two are, Akhilesh Yadav though the current CM with huge mass following has shown maturity beyond his age by forming the alliance. BJP tried all dirty tricks to demoralize him by creating differences between father and son, uncle and nephew….but all their efforts of fielding Amar Singh helped Akhilesh Yadav to gain complete control on the party. All said and done he was so sensible to see that his father Mulayam Singh Yadav was safe by providing extra security and making sure no riots or violence breaks out in the state.

This proves beyond doubt that Akhilesh Yadav is a born leader with lot of maturity of thought and speech. He has never lost his cool, under high pressure situation of family feuds. Never did he accuse or degrade his father’s respect or party’s pride. He is leadership and dignity personified. Come what may he will make his way out with a humble smile.
This is perfect alliance for UP 2017.
“Cycle Ko Haath Aur Haath Ko Cycle Ka Saath Pasand Hai’