Its a confused SarkarPSX_20160425_203549

After two long years of having voted in the NDA government namely Modi Sarkar with a clear majority, it has now clearly become a Confused Sarkar. There are a plethora of new initiatives that have been anmounced by the Central Government. In the name of development, Modi Sarkar announced Bullet Train Project, JanDhan Yojana, Swacch Bharat Abhiyan and many more, the end result of which entirely depends on their future implementation but are not in realizable in the present time.

The Bullet train project is to cost us around Rs. 1 lakh crores for only one small route from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, which is gigantic amount of  money for a very small distance, and which is already covered by many flights. As per the latest data provided by the IIM A it shows that if Indian Railway wants to run this Bullet train profitably, then it must run over 100 times in the same route and carry over 88,000 passengers everyday which is a obviously impossible. For the cost of a Bullet train for only one route, about 650 Rajdhani expresses can be run all over the country.

On the other hand, Modi sarkar launched Jandhan Yojana with great publicity and several crore bank accounts were opened under it, after which many insurance schemes with different premium plans have been added to this Yojana. Yet, most of these crores of bank accounts opened under the Jandhan Yojana have zero balance till now and therefore all the insurance schemes related to this Yojana are in the realm of possibilities in the distant future for most account holders. However, through all these schemes, insurance companies and banks are going to show that they have met public service commitments yet the country is not better off in any way at all.

Lastly, Modi Sarkar launched Swacch Bharat Abhiyanwith a lot of fanfare and advertisements but in reality nothing has happened except an additional .5% service tax that has been imposed on the people in the name of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan. Modi Sarkar’s priorities are confused or contrived, though all is being done in the name of development, and it has become a Confused Sarkar due to their ill planned and poorly executed initiatives. Development is not something which depends on the future, in practice development is what can bring both real benefits and its impact felt by the common people even in the present times.

Besides, the prices of all essential commodities are increasing day by day at a very rapid pace but the government is busy launching futuristic schemes. Developing a country like India is not about making or managing headlines in the news media or throwing publicity stunts with tax payers’ money.

Biswajit Majumder