By Navin Manaswi,IIT Kanpur
Life is beautiful but not for child beggar. Although society is plagued by many basic problems, this problem of child beggary sensitizes us the most. A soft, simple, innocent child is so vulnerable that whole humanity is at risk. Journey from an innocent kid to a criminal or a terrorist has been quite common in our civil society. Civil society is indirectly inviting criminals and terrorists in our peaceful nation. Nation is at risk; society is in trouble; humanity is being abused. Should we be silent observers? We will do whatever it takes to prevent society to collapse.

Before knowing challenges regarding child beggary, it is imperative to understand all the dimensions of child beggary. Child beggary refers to the situation in which a citizen-in-making is being made handicapped. A child beggar, with obvious reasons, turns out to be a failed citizen and a failed human being who is uneducated, unhealthy and incapable of living a normal life. That is why a child beggar is handicapped socially, educationally and in any other dimension. Even they are criminals-in-making and terrorists-in-making.

Education is a must for a modern society. It empowers persons so that they can not only live a happy life but also participate in development of the nation. We have been reaping fruits of globalization; it is not because of the fact that we are special but because of education. We are being connected to bigger world. Education provides opportunities which range from personality development to civil society participation. But a child beggar is being abused and we are helpless observers. But this helplessness is just an excuse; we are here to challenge this helplessness. Can you imagine life of a person who is completely bereft of basic education? No words can suffice to express his pathetic life. Come on! We don