Lets get few things straight about the recent rent controversy involving Priyanka Gandhi. She Priyanka Gandhi is an “SPG Protectee” not by her choice, but because after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in May 1991, the SPG Act was amended in 1991 to provide security to former Prime Ministers and their immediate families for a period of 10 years from the date on which the former Prime Minister ceased to hold office & from time to time the threat perception of an SPG protectee (In this case, Priyanka Gandhi) is reviewed by the Ministry of the home affairs to determine the need & the strength of the SPG Cover. Considering the fact that 2 of her family members were brutally assasinated in the span of 5 years, Her grandmother Indira Gandhi in 1984 and her father in 1991, consecutive governments be it led by congress party or the BJP have not made any significant changes in the strenght of her SPG Cover.

In 1996, Priyanka Gandhi after her marriage decided to move out of her mother’s house, She finalised a private property on rent . SPG objected to this because the said property did not meet their requirements because the said house did not have the room for the SPG personnel & their vehicles among other things. Also the SPG norms requires multiple entry & exit points, & Most importantly the house occupied by an SPG shouldn’t have an adjoining wall with any other house/property. – Any ordinary home in Delhi, or for that matter in whole India, would not meet any of this norms & requirements. Thus on the insistence of SPG, Priyanka Gandhi was allotted a Government Bungalow in elite Lutyens Bungalow Zone of Delhi after following all the due process & In conformity with all the laws of the land. But She neither asked for it, nor required it, But her Security did.

In the same manner, Bungalows were also were also allotted to IPS KPS Gill (DG of Punjab Police, Who crushed the militancy in Punjab), M S Bitta & Ashwini Kumar (Owner & Editor of renowned Punjab Kesri & now a BJP MP). Priyanka Gandhi & other continued to pay rent according to the Govt Norms till 2002, When Govt proposed hiking the rent to the “market rate”. – Ashwini Kumar opposed the move after which Vajpayee Cabinet overturned it’s decision considering that occupants doesn’t require this gigantic Bungalows but their security personnel do. Hence, KPS Gill, Priyanka Gandhi, Bitta & Ashwini Kumar continued to pay the rent fixed by the Govt & the rent increased periodically and all of them duly paid it.

But as this Government doesn’t have any achievements to showcase, they are resorting to their same old dirty tricks of targeting Gandhis when ever they are in trouble. Before election BJP promised to remove the name of Robert Vadra from the “No-Frisk list” if voted to power but they haven’t done so yet, Priyanka Gandhi has written to Govt on many occasion to take away her “SPG Cover”, So instead of using this petty issues to shine their politics, if BJP has guts it should remove the SPG Cover of Priyanka Gandhi & settle this issue once & for all Instead of continuously misleading the public through their vicious propaganda & selective leaking.