I am surprised to see social media flooded with complaints related to flaw into e-wallets related to transactions and ill treatment with affected users. I believe there is a communication gap between wallet service providers and users during compliance resolution process which is creating chaos among the users and resulting into buzz over social media and hence, I chose this platform to share my understanding about the current situation.

I understand that sudden announcement by Prime Minister of the day about demonetization of high value currencies has opened a door for these e-wallet companies like Paytm, freecharge and Mobikwik to acquire new customers into multifold without walking an extra miles but at the same time these companies are suffering with immense pressure to cater quality services of these multifold rise in transactions with their available limited infrastructure and resources. This is leading them towards high rate of transaction failure, technological malfunctioning and ill treatment to affected customers.

As we all know being a customer we always expect most possible best service delivery against every single penny we spend on a service on the top of that in today’s competitive market at least a consumer expect to enjoy service delivery according to the promise made by service provider. If nothing more then definitely nothing less than the promised one and when a service merchant fails to deliver the promised delivery, it turns into anger of consumers which is exploding over the social media these days and these e-wallets e-wallet service providers need to respond then effectively and cater resolution in best possible manner.

In my more than 8 years of career, I have spent four in a domain of handling Query, requests and complaints related to payment and e-wallets and could realize that every transaction go through many entries and channels which help us as service provider to trace the origin of issues with help of every possible information received from user and resolve those complaints successfully. But at same time resolution TAT may vary due to nature of issues identified at initial stage and here one need to come up with qualified reasoning before each and every affected user to hold their faith into your services.

Here, I would suggest these e-wallets companies should come forward to their users and share those short of issues they are facing with in current situations which may have occurred due to un-preparedness to handle issues in such a huge numbers and ensure that every single transaction is safe with them and every single query, requests and complaints will be taken care with best possible way through a formal communication channels the way in past e-tail player used to do during their difficult times and retained their customer’s faith on service delivery.


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