This is a sincere appeal to all Indians who believe in being pro India and not any party. All Indians who believe in constitution of India. This appeal is to tell all Indians not to vote for BJP in this forthcoming election in 5 states. Voting for BJP will strengthen Modi and weaken democracy and lead this country towards emergency, chaos and destruction.
This appeal doesn’t say that Dr. Manmohan Singh was better PM. This doesn’t say Rahul Gandhi or Arvind Kejriwal can be better PM. Many scams took place during congress government and am sure will continue in future too.
Many during other governments. Scams are still happening. But Modi is dangerous for constitution and democracy.
We have been slowly taken towards dictatorship.
Our freedom is being taken away slowly.
We have been taken for granted.
Modi promised lot of things before election like all politicians do but Modi’s promises were fake.
It’s not possible to have smart cities in India
His budget for 100 smart cities is less then budget of Bombay municipal council.
Black money will never be brought back from Swiss bank. We have seen his negligible efforts in doing so in spite of the fact that he has a list of Swiss accounts.
Modi doesn’t do any press conference, he believes only in high drama speeches or monologues.
Even Donald trump did press conference few days back and faced media and answered their questions.
Modi forces people to listen to his mann ki baat but he doesn’t listen to others mann ki baat. When the soldier said his mann ki baat his character was assassinated.
He is running the country like his dictatorship. He is a Narcissistic to the core.
Kapil Sharma complained against BJP corruption in BMC, as a result an FIR was logged against him instead of taking action against those who were asking for bribe from him to give occupancy certificate.
He is controlling CBI, IB, ARMY, RBI in his own hands and doesn’t give them freedom to probe neutrally or work efficiently.
Army chief appointment he interfered.
CBI he is misusing.
Judiciary he is manipulating.
Raghuram Rajan didn’t bow to his dictatorship
As a result RBI governor Urjit Patel a Gujrati and relative of Ambaani was promoted to  misuse RBI
Demonetisation is done to win UP elections.
Mayawati, Congress and Akhilesh Yadav like all political parties have lot of money, BJP is no exception.
Modi safeguarded BJP’s black money before announcing demonetisation
Modi doesn’t care for people those who died in the serpentine queues.

People those who suffered
He just wants to win elections and take over the country towards absolute dictatorship
Demonetisation and terrorism are not linked.
Terrorist funding is mostly done by wire transfer not by cash
He destroyed economy, growth and jobs to benefit himself and his corporate friends.
He doesn’t want to solve Kashmir issue which he swore to do so before elections.
BJP already in power there at present.
He visited Kashmir before elections but post elections he never found time to visit.
For going around the Globe he has enough and more time and money.
NPA is bigger problem than anything at present which is killing the Banking System
NPA or non performing asset, means those loans which big industrialists take from government banks and run their business and become richer, don’t repay the principle or interest to the banks and try to run away like Vijay Mallya
But this Govt will do nothing to recover that instead they will write off huge interests of the big and mighty few.
Now all money which we deposited in banks will be given as loan to those corporates again.
We want freedom and democracy only can give us freedom
Now withdrawal limit is set at  24,000/- per week
For whose benefit?
Its Our money but we have no freedom to reach it.
As country is under dictatorship.
Army jawans posted videos on social media showing quality of food they get.

Instead of taking action Modi has banned smart phone use by jawans.
Imagine if army jawans guarding Pakistan and China border goes for strike!
Or imagine if they aren’t in a position to do the duty anymore?
What will happen?
48 hours yes just 48hrs  is what will be required for Pakistan and China to take over India. He has compromised Indian soldiers and Army HQ for the sake of creating headlines.
Modi is taking this country towards destruction.
He doesn’t come to parliament session because he doesn’t believe in democracy.
He wants to make digital India, but this idea came in when the RBI could not match the supply and demand ratio of new notes post demonetisation.
That shows his limitations being not highly qualified or proves he is uneducated.
Even a high school boy can understand that India cannot go cashless and its a lie.
Because even USA is not completely cashless.
How can we be?
Our internet speed is not hidden from any one.
37 crore Indians can’t afford 2 meals a day we talk of apps and smart phones.
60% Indian poor and live majorly on daily wages or very low income and we talk of Jan Dhan Yojna and insist on opening bank accounts where is the money to keep in accounts?
Modi says congress responsible for the poverty, he doesn’t consider the huge population growth post Independence. Every time other Govts came to power they either did demonetisation or blamed Congress.
We take it as poverty is because of Congress, but what are you doing while in power? Instead of doing something for those poor farmers and poor people he is forcing them to become cashless as a result more farmers are committing suicide, and agriculture labour is not getting work.
No work for daily wagers in rural or urban India.
Please don’t further weaken democracy by voting for him this elections. Lets do our duty and save our present and future.
I know every one is Indian first.
Jai Hind
Padma Rani