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IndiPulse is a people oriented blogging site with a vision to bring the vision of India to the fore.  We strive to bring your views and opinions of India to the world. Make yourself be heard. Start blogging with us!
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Shuja Gandhi 

Managing head, shuja@ymail.com

The face behind IndiPulse.com is Shuja Gandhi hails from Champaran He is a socio-political activist committed to India and is committed to his vision of an India Shining!
You can contact Shuja on Twitter: @shujagandhi

Katherine Abraham

Editor, katherine.abraham@indipulse.com

Having successfully started Progressive Indians for Change as a platform for Indians across the Globe, Katherine has now joined IndiPulse as Editor. She has completed her Masters in English Literature and Law and is an Aspiring UN diplomat. She is a passionate writer and a voracious reader with a keen interest in Politics, Governance and Diplomacy.
You can contact her on Twitter: @katie_abraham

Mirza Yunus Beg

Technical, MirzaYunus@indipulse.com
Mirza Yunus is one of our IT Consultants. He has 14 years of IT experience, providing Website Design/Development and technical help to IndiPulse’s users.
You can contact on Twitter: @MYunusBeg