To murder a person is heinous. However it requires some courage. However to commit such a gruesome act like murder in the garb of lynching is only meant for the cowards. I have a firm conviction that Indians are brave by nature. If at all Indians have to kill someone then they are the kind of Indians that you find in the army killling the enemies to safegaurd their country or the policeman who kills the convicts in order to save precious lives or the security personnel who kill the hell bent robbers in order to save the property.
Then who are these lynchers and from where do they get their commands for lynching? The lynchers are like sleeping cells of terrrorist organizations or the bench employees of a company that employs terrorists to be used in case of workload. The lynchers receive their commands from rumors and fake posts on social media especially Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter.
How are the lynchers trained and who trains them? These lynchers are trained over a long period of time. They are brainwashed with doctrines of hatred and feeling of insecurity. They are told that their community is under threat. The psyche of the lynchers gradually gets eroded and they start believing that the national leaders are cheaters and that the freedom fighters are fraud. They spread totally false information that the freedom fighters have relatives in Pakistan and that they had destroyed Kashmir.
The fact remains that had not these freedom fighters fought on our behalf, India would not have become independent. Also the fact remains that if the lynching attitude hate mongers have their way they will make India again a slave to hatred by their divisive policies. Then the natural question is why do the lynchers do what they do? Are they paid for? No. Lynching is instantaneous. It is over in the matter of a few minutes and after that every one of those cowards runs away and does not wait for any payment to be made. However the lynchers do make some pocket money by trolling in the social media. They are paid for spreading venom and hatred on social media.
How to identify them? They can be identified by their posts in social media. They are always fake and photoshopped. The lynchers have no shame when they lie blatantly on social media. They post events that had happened long ago as those of 2017 or they post photos from some other countries and pass them away as Indian.
Last but not the least-then what is the solution to the problem of lynching? How can it be deterred? There are many options. According to my choice two of these options stand out as best and practical. One is unity of like minded persons who can demonstrate peacefully against lynchings on all platforms. The other is the legal option- to implement MASUKA-Manav Suraksha Kanoon

This Article is authored by Saint Radha Charan Das RCD @radhacharandas (Author of Gauranga Times)


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